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Welcome to the ‘Transformers’ page on ‘Bradley’s Basement’.

This is where I’ll be posting my reviews on the ‘Transformers’ franchise. This includes the 1980s cartoon show with its 1986 movie as well as the live-action ‘Transformers’ films, including the Michael Bay-directed films from 2007 to 2017 and the ‘Bumblebee’ film, which was released in 2018.

I’ve also reviewed the ‘Beast Wars Transformers’ series, which you can find out more about by clicking the link in the list below. My thoughts on Transformers in terms of the 1980s cartoon show; the ‘Beast Wars’ series and the live-action films vary in terms of their quality. But I hope you’ll find my thoughts entertaining. 🙂

Please feel free to visit, read and comment on my ‘Transformers’ reviews. Below is a list of my reviews in relation to ‘Transformers’. Click on the links below to see and read my reviews.



‘Transformers’ (1980s TV series)

  • Season 1
    • ‘More Than Meets the Eye’ (TV)
    • ‘Transport to Oblivion’ (TV)
    • ‘Roll for It’ (TV)
    • ‘Divide and Conquer’ (TV)
    • ‘Fire in the Sky’ (TV)
    • ‘S.O.S. Dinobots’ (TV)
    • ‘Fire on the Mountain’ (TV)
    • ‘War of the Dinobots’ (TV)
    • ‘The Ultimate Doom’ (TV)
    • ‘Countdown to Extinction’ (TV)
    • ‘A Plague of Insecticons’ (TV)
    • ‘Heavy Metal War’ (TV)
  • Season 2
    • ‘Autobot Spike’ (TV)
    • ‘The Immobilizer’ (TV)
    • ‘Dinobot Island’ (TV)
    • ‘Traitor’ (TV)
    • ‘Enter the Nightbird’ (TV)
    • ‘Changing Gears’ (TV)
    • ‘A Prime Problem’ (TV)
    • ‘Atlantis, Arise!’ (TV)
    • ‘Attack of the Autobots’ (TV)
    • ‘Microbots’ (TV)
    • ‘The Master Builder’ (TV)
    • ‘The Insecticon Syndrome’ (TV)
    • ‘Day of the Machines’ (TV)
    • ‘Megatron’s Master Plan’ (TV)
    • ‘Auto Berserk’ (TV)
    • ‘City of Steel’ (TV)
    • ‘Desertion of the Dinobots’ (TV)
    • ‘Blaster Blues’ (TV)
    • ‘A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur’s Court’ (TV)
    • ‘The God Gambit’ (TV)
    • ‘The Core’ (TV)
    • ‘Make Tracks’ (TV)
    • ‘The Autobot Run’ (TV)
    • ‘The Golden Lagoon’ (TV)
    • ‘Quest for Survival’ (TV)
    • ‘The Secret of Omega Supreme’ (TV)
    • ‘Child’s Play’ (TV)
    • ‘The Gambler’ (TV)
    • ‘The Search for Alpha Trion’ (TV)
    • ‘Auto-Bop’ (TV)
    • ‘Prime Target’ (TV)
    • ‘The Girl Who Loved Powerglide’ (TV)
    • ‘Triple Takeover’ (TV)
    • ‘Sea Change’ (TV)
    • ‘Hoist Goes Hollywood’ (TV)
    • ‘The Key to Vector Sigma’ (TV)
    • ‘Masquerade’ (TV)
    • ‘Trans-Europe Express’ (TV)
    • ‘War Dawn’ (TV)
    • ‘Cosmic Rust’ (TV)
    • ‘Kremzeek!’ (TV)
    • ‘Starscream’s Brigade’ (TV)
    • ‘The Revenge of Bruticus’ (TV)
    • ‘Aerial Assault’ (TV)
    • ‘B.O.T’ (TV)
  • ‘Transformers: The Movie’ (Film)
  • Season 3
    • ‘The Five Faces of Darkness’ (TV)
    • ‘The Killing Jar’ (TV)
    • ‘Chaos’ (TV)
    • ‘Thief in the Night’ (TV)
    • ‘Fight or Flee’ (TV)
    • ‘Starscream’s Ghost’ (TV)
    • ‘Ghost in the Machine’ (TV)
    • ‘Forever Is a Long Time Coming’ (TV)
    • ‘Surprise Party’ (TV)
    • ‘Madman’s Paradise’ (TV)
    • ‘Carnage in C-Minor’ (TV)
    • ‘Webworld’ (TV)
    • ‘The Dweller in the Depths’ (TV)
    • ‘Nightmare Planet’ (TV)
    • ‘The Ultimate Weapon’ (TV)
    • ‘The Big Broadcast of 2006’ (TV)
    • ‘The Quintesson Journal’ (TV)
    • ‘Only Human’ (TV)
    • ‘Grimlock’s New Brain’ (TV)
    • ‘Money Is Everything’ (TV)
    • ‘Call of the Primitives’ (TV)
    • ‘The Burden Hardest to Bear’ (TV)
    • ‘The Face of the Nijika’ (TV)
    • ‘Dark Awakening’ (TV)
    • ‘The Return of Optimus Prime’ (TV)
  • Season 4
    • ‘The Rebirth’ (TV)

‘Beast Wars: Transformers’ (TV series)

‘Transformers’ (film series)

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