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I’ve been re-living my childhood! – “THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO!”

Over Christmas 2014, my parents got me the complete series of the original ‘Thunderbirds’ on DVD. I couldn’t be happier as I enjoyed this classic kids’ TV show and it is one of my favourite viewing pleasures. ‘Thunderbirds’ is one of my favourite TV children’s shows when I was a kid. I loved every minute of it.

I loved everything about ‘Thunderbirds’ including the vehicles, the characters, Lady Penelope and his chauffeur Parker and of course the villainous Hood. I highly recommend this show to anyone who hasn’t seen it. This is a 1960s TV show wonderfully produced and created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.

The series uses the Supermarionation technique in their shows, which is a combination of model effects for the machines and puppets for the characters (I always thought they were real people 😀 ). Set in the year 2065, ‘Thunderbirds’ is a series about the Tracy family including Jeff and his five sons.

Jeff’s five sons are Scott, Virgil, Alan, Gordon and John. They live on Tracy Island and run a top secret organisation called International Rescue. Whenever called for help around the world, the Tracy brothers set off to the danger zone in the super-powered, highly-equipped Thunderbirds machines.

The complete ‘Thunderbirds’ DVD collection is a 9/10-disc DVD set, containing all the ‘Thunderbirds’ episodes and all of the ‘super features’. I have my favourite episodes from the series as well as my favourite characters and Thunderbird vehicles. I’m sure there are favourites for you from this series.

I’ve enjoyed re-watching ‘Thunderbirds’ and re-living my childhood again. I used to have the Thunderbird toys when I was young. I enjoyed playing with Thunderbird 2 and dropping Pod 4 into the bath with Thunderbird 4 coming out. ‘Thunderbirds’ has brought back fond memories for me when I was a kid. If you’re looking for classic kids’ entertainment, you can’t go wrong with this.

I’ve had the DVD cover of the complete series of ‘Thunderbirds’ signed by Shane Rimmer (who voiced Scott Tracy in the TV series) when I met him at the ‘Dimensions 2015’ convention in Newcastle, October 2015

Here on ‘Bradley’s Basement’, my reviews for each of the episodes from the two seasons of the original ‘Thunderbirds’ series are added to my blog. I hope to add my reviews on the two movies ‘Thunderbirds Are Go’ and ‘Thunderbird 6’ and maybe add reviews on the 2004 ‘Thunderbirds’ film and on the latest ‘Thunderbirds Are Go’ reboot series. I will let you know via an announcement.

Here are links to lists of the Thunderbird machines and the Thunderbird characters that feature in the series.

Below is a list of my reviews on the episodes and movies in relation to ‘Thunderbirds’. Click on the links to see and check out my reviews.

Enjoy! Over and out! And F.A.B. 🙂


‘Thunderbirds’ (TV series)

‘Thunderbirds’ (2004)

‘Thunderbirds Are Go’ (TV series)

  • Series 1
    • ‘Ring of Fire’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Spare Race’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Crosscut’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Fireflash’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Unplugged’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Runaway’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘EOS’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Slingshot’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Tunnels of Time’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Skyhook’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Under Pressure’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Heavy Metal’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Falling Skies’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Relic’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Breakdown’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Heist Society’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Recharge’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Extraction’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘The Hexpert’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Comet Chasers’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Designated Driver’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Chain of Command’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Touch and Go’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Undercover’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Legacy’ (TAG) (TV)
  • Series 2
    • ‘Earthbreaker’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Ghost Ship’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Deep Search’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘City Under the Sea’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Colony’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Up from the Depths’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Lost Kingdom’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Impact’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘High Strung’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Weather or Not’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Fight or Flight’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Escape Proof’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Volcano!’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Power Play’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Bolt from the Blue’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Attack of the Reptiles’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Grandma Tourismo’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Clean Sweep’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘The Man from TB5’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Inferno’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Home on the Range’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Long Haul’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Rigged for Disaster’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Hyperspeed’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Brains vs. Brawn’ (TAG) (TV)
  • Series 3
    • ‘Chaos’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Path of Destruction’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Night and Day’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Growing Pains’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Life Signs’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Rally Raid’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Crash Course’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Flame Out’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Deep Water’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Endgame’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘SOS’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Signals’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Chain Reaction’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Getaway’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Avalanche’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Upside Down’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Icarus’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Break Out’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Buried Treasure’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Venom’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘Firebreak’ (TAG) (TV)
    • ‘The Long Reach’ (TAG) (TV)

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