Laurel & Hardy

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Welcome to the ‘Laurel & Hardy’ page on ‘Bradley’s Basement’.

This is where I’ll be posting my reviews on the films starring my favourite comedy duo, Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy. This will includes reviews on the silent shorts; the talkie shorts and the full-length movies they’ve appeared in during the 1920s; 30s and 40s.

Here is a list of my DVD reviews in relation to ‘Laurel & Hardy’. Click on the links below to see and read my reviews.

Enjoy! 🙂

Official Films

  • ‘Forty-Five Minutes from Hollywood’ (Film)
  • ‘Duck Soup’ (Film)
  • ‘Slipping Wives’ (Film)
  • ‘Love ’em and Weep’ (Film)
  • ‘Why Girls Love Sailors’ (Film)
  • ‘With Love and Hisses’ (Film)
  • ‘Sugar Daddies’ (Film)
  • ‘Sailors, Beware!’ (Film)
  • ‘The Second Hundred Years’ (Film)
  • ‘Call of the Cuckoo’ (Film)
  • ‘Hats Off’ (Film)
  • ‘Do Detectives Think?’ (Film)
  • ‘Putting Pants on Philip’ (Film)
  • ‘The Battle of the Century’ (Film)
  • ‘Leave ‘Em Laughing’ (Film)
  • ‘Flying Elephants’ (Film)
  • ‘The Finishing Touch’ (Film)
  • ‘From Soup to Nuts’ (Film)
  • ‘You’re Darn Tootin’ (Film)
  • ‘Their Purple Moment’ (Film)
  • ‘Should Married Men Go Home?’ (Film)
  • ‘Early to Bed’ (Film)
  • ‘Two Tars’ (Film)
  • ‘Habeas Corpus’ (Film)
  • ‘We Faw Down’ (Film)
  • ‘Liberty’ (Film)
  • ‘Wrong Again’ (Film)
  • ‘That’s My Wife’ (Film)
  • ‘Big Business’ (Film)
  • ‘Unaccustomed As We Are’ (Film)
  • ‘Double Whoopee’ (Film)
  • ‘Berth Marks’ (Film)
  • ‘Men O’War’ (Film)
  • ‘Perfect Day’ (Film)
  • ‘They Go Boom!’ (Film)
  • ‘Bacon Grabbers’ (Film)
  • ‘The Hoose-Gow’ (Film)
  • ‘Angora Love’ (Film)
  • ‘Night Owls’ (Film)
  • ‘Blotto’ (Film)
  • ‘Brats’ (Film)
  • ‘Below Zero’ (Film)
  • ‘Hog Wild’ (Film)
  • ‘The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case’ (Film)
  • ‘Another Fine Mess’ (Film)
  • ‘Be Big!’ (Film)
  • ‘Chickens Come Home’ (Film)
  • ‘Laughing Gravy’ (Film)
  • ‘Our Wife’ (Film)
  • ‘Pardon Us’ (Film)
  • ‘Come Clean’ (Film)
  • ‘One Good Turn’ (Film)
  • ‘Beau Hunks’ (Film)
  • ‘On the Loose’ (Film)
  • ‘Helpmates’ (Film)
  • ‘Any Old Port!’ (Film)
  • ‘The Music Box’ (Film)
  • ‘The Chimp’ (Film)
  • ‘County Hospital’ (Film)
  • ‘Scram!’ (Film)
  • ‘Pack Up Your Troubles’ (Film)
  • ‘Their First Mistake’’ (Film)
  • ‘Towed in a Hole’ (Film)
  • ‘Twice Two’ (Film)
  • ‘Me and My Pal’ (Film)
  • ‘The Midnight Patrol’ (Film)
  • ‘Busy Bodies’ (Film)
  • ‘Dirty Work’ (Film)
  • ‘Sons of the Desert’ (Film)
  • ‘Oliver the Eighth’ (Film)
  • ‘Going Bye-Bye!’ (Film)
  • ‘Them Thar Hills’ (Film)
  • ‘The Live Ghost’ (Film)
  • ‘Tit for Tat’ (Film)
  • ‘The Fixer-Uppers’ (Film)
  • ‘Thicker than Water’ (Film)
  • ‘The Bohemian Girl’ (Film)
  • ‘On The Wrong Trek’ (Film)
  • ‘Our Relations’ (Film)
  • ‘Way Out West’ (Film)
  • ‘Swiss Miss’ (Film)
  • ‘Block-Heads’ (Film)
  • ‘A Chump at Oxford’ (Film)
  • ‘Saps at Sea’ (Film)

Foreign-Language Films

  • ‘Ladrones’ (Film)
  • ‘La Vida Nocturna’ (Film)
  • ‘Tiembla y Titubea’ (Film)
  • ‘Noche de Duendes’ (Film)
  • ‘Politiquerias’ (Film)
  • ‘Les Carottiers’ (Film)
  • ‘Los Calaveras’ (Film)

Related Films

  • ‘Along Came Auntie’ (Film)

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