Alex Rider

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Back in 2006, I saw the action-packed spy movie, ‘Stormbreaker’, based on the first ‘Alex Rider’ book by Anthony Horowitz. I also read the first six ‘Alex Rider’ books in that year. Unfortunately, ‘Stormbreaker’ the film did not become the big blockbuster box office success that it intended to be.

Since then, there have been eleven books made in the ‘Alex Rider’ series and a TV series based on the ‘Alex Rider’ books is in the making. I do have some catching up to do as I have missed out on the other ‘Alex Rider’ books published since I saw the ‘Stormbreaker’ movie and read the first six books.

Here on this page is a list of my reviews related to ‘Alex Rider’. This includes a review on the ‘Stormbreaker’ film and on the ‘Alex Rider’ books. Click on the links below to check out my reviews.


‘Alex Rider’ (Books)

  • Stormbreaker’ (Book)
  • ‘Point Blanc’ (Book)
  • ‘Skeleton Key’ (Book)
  • Eagle Strike’ (Book)
  • ‘Scorpia’ (Book)
  • Ark Angel’ (Book)
  • Snakehead’ (Book)
  • Crocodile Tears’ (Book)
  • Scorpia Rising’ (Book)
  • Russian Roulette’ (Book)
  • Never Say Die’ (Book)
  • Nightshade’ (Book)

‘Alex Rider’ (Film)

‘Alex Rider’ (TV Series)

  • ‘Alex Rider – Season 1’ (TV)

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