‘A True Gentleman’ (ST/Audio)



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A Scottish Boy meets the Third Doctor

This story is by Jamie Hailstone. It features the Third Doctor and is read by Katy Manning. I found this to be a lovely little story featuring a young Scottish boy who gets to meet the Doctor. After falling off his bike that gets a puncture in one of its tyres and breaking a bottle of milk, the Doctor comes to help.

The young boy also gets to ride in the Doctor’s car Bessie. They go to the Doctor’s cottage where he can fix the boy’s bike. I enjoyed the earthbound atmosphere featured in this adventure. It did put me in mind of Scotland, especially when I was hearing the ‘Short Trips, Volume I’ CD on a Scotland holiday.

Katy Manning does a fantastic reading of the story as well as a fantastic Scottish accent for the young Scottish boy. The boy tells the story in the first person like a ‘Companion Chronicle’. The boy doesn’t get named in the short tale as he’s referred to as the landlord’s son. I wonder if his name’s Hamish. 😀

As I’ve mentioned, some of the story has the Third Doctor living in a cottage. I’m sure this is the cottage featured in the Third Doctor comic adventures from TV Comic. It’s interesting the Third Doctor had a residence in this little cottage as well as working for U.N.I.T. at the same time he lived on Earth in exile.

The tale also has an alien visiting the Doctor’s cottage when the young Scottish boy meets him. The alien is the Ambassador of Cobaltis. He comes to collect a lump of lead from the Doctor. I like how the Scottish boy describes the alien from his viewpoint and being afraid of him, saying he’s green-skinned.

‘A True Gentleman’ rating – 9/10

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