TV Review – ‘Great British Car Journeys’ – Episode 3

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It’s the end of a documentary series that I’ve enjoyed watching on Channel 4 for three weeks on a Saturday evening at 8 o’clock. I’m sad it’s come to an end. I’ve seen the last episode of ‘Great British Car Journeys’, starring Peter Davison and Christopher Timothy from ‘All Creatures Great and Small’.

The third episode of this documentary series is something that’s close to my heart and feels more at home with me and my parents. For you see, the third episode has Peter and Chris take their third road trip from Cardiff to Snowdonia in Wales. This was very exciting for me as I watched the episode.

Peter and Chris drive through Rhondda Valley, across the Brecon Beacons, and into Aberystwyth before reaching breathtaking Snowdonia. It’s amazing to think that Peter and Chris were in Cardiff filming the start of their journey in this episode. I missed them by a mile. I must have been at work! 😀

Once again, the duo travel in Peter’s Morgan 4/4, which I must check with him if it’s really his vehicle or if he just used it for the documentary series. 😀 It was fun to see the banter and the camaraderie between Peter and Chris as they drove through the Welsh countryside for this episode.

It was interesting to discover that Chris Timothy was actually born in Bala, Wales in 1940. I had no idea that he was Welsh until I saw this episode. Isn’t that amazing to discover? It was nice to see Peter and Chris return to Bala to see his home town and for Chris to reunite with an old friend of his.

This episode was a bit of a nostalgia trip for my parents and me. As we watched Peter and Chris drive through Wales, my parents recognised and remembered places we’d been to for our holidays in West Wales years ago. It was slightly vague for me. I was a kid back then and it was a long time ago!

It was fun to see Peter and Chris discover the origins of the AA…in an eerie TARDIS-like styled phone box. For all I know, it could’ve been a TARDIS. 😀 And I enjoyed it when Peter playacted with Chris in a recreation of a vintage speed trap that was used many years ago during the 1920s. So amusing! 😀

The episode was well-worth it to see to the end as Peter and Chris travelled up by train on rail-track up the mountain of Snowdon to get to the top. My parents and I have been to Snowdon twice for our holidays. One was by train; the other was by walking up the mountain. Seriously, we walked! 😀

And of course when Peter and Chris get up to the top of Snowdon, instead of a clear view, they get a foggy mist as the top of the mountain is covered in clouds. Trust me! My parents and I have been there before with our trips to Snowdon! It always seemed to get misty whenever we went up there.

‘Great British Car Journeys’ has been a highlight for me this February as well as a highlight for 2019. I enjoyed seeing Peter Davison and Christopher Timothy together in this documentary series, as they shared their love for 1930s nostalgia with vintage cars in their incredible journeys through Scotland, England and Wales. I’d been looking forward to seeing this series and it was well worth it in the end.

Well, that’s it for ‘Great British Car Journeys’. I wonder if the series will ever get released on DVD.

In the meantime, you can catch up on ‘Great British Car Journeys’ via the Channel link here –


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