Short Trips by Tim Bradley

Welcome to the ‘Short Trips by Tim Bradley’ page!

This page is where I will post fan-fiction short stories of ‘Doctor Who’ on my blog. I hope to write new ‘Short Trips’ from time to time, featuring specific Doctors and companions in new exciting tales. The first to be posted on my blog is ‘The Space Car’ with Ace and the Seventh Doctor.

This is something to do in my spare time whilst I upload stories in ‘The Fifth Doctor by Tim Bradley’ on ‘Bradley Basement’. The ‘Short Trips’ by me will feature Doctors and companions from both the classic and new series of ‘Doctor Who’. Stay tuned for announcements on these ‘Short Trips’.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my ‘Short Trips’ on my blog. Tim. 🙂

Here is a list of the ‘Short Trips’ by me.

Short Trips

2-brain-and-heart-copy‘Brain and Heart’

The TARDIS arrives on the planet Renzance. Whilst the Doctor and Jamie repair the TARDIS, Zoe spends time with the boy called Alex and eventually falls in love.

‘The Dimension Serpents’

The TARDIS ends up inside an asteroid within a white void after falling through a portal in space. Can the Doctor and Private James defeat the snake-like Rednarogs?

‘Lady and the Soldier’

James Darby finds himself in a prison cell on 21st century Earth. But he gets rescued by a devastatingly beautiful woman – Lady Christina de Souza. Will he help her in a museum robbery?

‘The Two Sarah Janes’

In a dark world, James Darby meets two versions Sarah Jane Smiths – one young and one old. Will they help him to escape the nightmare he’s in where there’s a castle and a dark cold stormy night?

‘Foundations of Life’

The Doctor, Romana and K-9’s visit to a cafe on Earth gets interrupted, when they’re taken to the planet Vicaton V where they face blue-tinged flowers.

‘The Regeneration Dilemma’ (from ‘The Paul Spragg ReCollections, Volume 2’)

There is a terror stalking the streets of Trusis. A Code: Gamma priority threat. However, the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa of Traken have met monsters before. This time, it’s not quite so simple. Are the people of Trusis ready for the truth…?

‘Girl Out of Nowhere’ (from ‘The Paul Spragg ReCollections, Volume 2’)

On a cold Christmas, 2017, Kevin receives a visit in the sleepy Cardiff night. That doesn’t seem quite right. Her name is Nyssa of Traken. She appears, as if from nowhere. Nyssa needs to find the Fifth Doctor… But, well, her friend is who knows where?

‘The Victorian Vampires’

The Doctor, Nyssa and Billy discover a temporal energy spike at a Victorian London school. With schoolboys drained of blood, the TARDIS trio face bloodsucking enemies.

Psychic Image’ (from ‘Genesis of Terror’)

The Doctor came to Skaro for a reason. What was it? Did the Time Lords bring him here? Why does he keep seeing a gun?


The Doctor, Nyssa and Billy visit the planet Noota to see the ‘Light-Ground’ monument. But is something interfering with the monument?

‘States of Being’

Nyssa and Billy try to get through ordeals and then share romance after getting out of them.

‘The Curse of Dr. Filthy’

Trapped on a planet where a virus runs rampant, the Doctor, Nyssa and Billy must do everything they can to stay positive in order to save the people and provide a vaccine for them.

‘Interdimensional Rescue’ (from ‘A Sparkle of Doctors, Volumes 1 & 2’)

With the time vortex in ruins, the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa of Traken and Billy Walker are sent on a desperate mission to save what remains of their parallel lives…

‘The Crimson Lion’ (from ‘The Paul Spragg ReCollections’)

The Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan visit Longleat Safari Park. On a safari jeep tour, they see wild animals attacking the tourists. Can Nyssa befriend an alien crimson-coloured lion and help him return home to his pride?

‘Fred and the Doctor’

Fred struggles to decide whether he wants to have a married life with his beloved fiancée Enid after the Second World War. A chance encounter with the Sixth Doctor to help him stop a war criminal may change that.

1. The Space Car1‘The Space Car’

The Doctor sends Ace to collect a diamond at a space-market. Ace soon hitches a lift to get to Rotenhend Hotel #16 with the bad-mannered Gordon Rotenhend.

‘The Vexo Knights Experience’

The Doctor and Donna visit ‘The Vexo Knights Experience’, based on the ‘Vexo Knights’ TV show on the planet Lo-Go-Pop. Can the Vexo Knights save the day?

‘The Five Doctors At Christmas’

Christmas time has come! But what do five incarnations of the Doctor with their companions have in common when they have certain adventures on the planet Christmas?

The Second Doctor’s Story

The Fourth Doctor’s Story

The Fifth Doctor’s Story

The Seventh Doctor’s Story

The Tenth Doctor’s Story

The Five Doctors’ Story

‘The Popiz’ (from ‘The Paul Spragg ReCollections’)

The TARDIS materialises inside the shuttle bay of a space station. As the Doctor and Donna explore, they soon get attacked by a pop song that intends to take control of them. Can they survive ‘The Popiz’s effect with the help of fellow crewmember Clara Watson?

‘The Impossible Girl Returns’

It seems like the last day for Danny Pink. Will this be the day he dies or can he be saved by the impossible girl?

‘Hank Prank’

The Doctor, Graham, Ryan and Yaz visit the city of Hyperjosque on the planet Unitopia. Will they stop the menace of Hank Prank who steals people’s life-force away.

Unbound Short Trips

‘The City of the Bad Wolf’ (from ‘Unbound Imaginings, Volume 2’)

Fresh from Karn, the Doctor, Jenny and Jimmy are guided by the Time Lords to uncover a secret from darkest myth. Trapped and driven to the brink of death, what truly lies at the centre of the City of the Bad Wolf?

‘Into the Death-Space’ (from ‘Unbound Imaginings, Volume 2’)

There are some corners of the universe that are best left alone, if given the choice. Unfortunately, Nyssa and Billy find themselves drawn into the Death-Space. A family, a universe and the greater web of creation all hang in the balance. Who are Nyssa and Billy in the dark?

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