Short Trips by Tim Bradley

Welcome to the ‘Short Trips by Tim Bradley’ page!

This page is where I will post fan-fiction short stories of ‘Doctor Who’ on my blog. I hope to write new ‘Short Trips’ from time to time, featuring specific Doctors and companions in new exciting tales. The first to be posted on my blog is ‘The Space Car’ with Ace and the Seventh Doctor.

This is something to do in my spare time whilst I upload stories in ‘The Fifth Doctor by Tim Bradley’ on ‘Bradley Basement’. The ‘Short Trips’ by me will feature Doctors and companions from both the classic and new series of ‘Doctor Who’. Stay tuned for announcements on these ‘Short Trips’.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my ‘Short Trips’ on my blog. Tim. 🙂

Here is a list of the ‘Short Trips’ by me.

Short Trips

2-brain-and-heart-copy‘Brain and Heart’

The TARDIS arrives on the planet Renzance. Whilst the Doctor and Jamie repair the TARDIS, Zoe spends time with the boy called Alex and eventually falls in love.

‘Foundations of Life’

The Doctor, Romana and K-9’s visit to a cafe on Earth gets interrupted, when they’re taken to the planet Vicaton V where they face blue-tinged flowers.

‘The Victorian Vampires’

The Doctor, Nyssa and Billy discover a temporal energy spike at a Victorian London school. With schoolboys drained of blood and energy, the TARDIS trio discover more than they bargained for and face bloodsucking enemies.


The Doctor, Nyssa and Billy visit the planet Noota to see the ‘Light-Ground’ monument. But is something interfering with the monument?

‘Fred and the Doctor’

Fred struggles to decide whether he wants to continue having a married life with his beloved fiancée Enid after the Second World War is over. A chance encounter with the Sixth Doctor to help him stop a war criminal may change that.

1. The Space Car1‘The Space Car’

The Doctor sends Ace to collect a diamond at a space-market. Ace soon hitches a lift to get to Rotenhend Hotel #16 with the bad-mannered Gordon Rotenhend.

‘The Vexo Knights Experience’

The Doctor and Donna visit ‘The Vexo Knights Experience’, based on the ‘Vexo Knights’ TV show on the planet Lo-Go-Pop. Their perfect day trip turns into an exciting adventure, as Condgorl and the Squadtrons attack. Can the Vexo Knights save the day?

‘The Five Doctors At Christmas’

Christmas time has come! But what do five incarnations of the Doctor with their companions have in common when they have certain adventures connected by a certain someone. And how come Daleks and Cybermen are involved too?

The Second Doctor’s Story

The Fourth Doctor’s Story

The Fifth Doctor’s Story

The Seventh Doctor’s Story

The Tenth Doctor’s Story

The Five Doctors’ Story

‘The Impossible Girl Returns’

It seems like the last day for Danny Pink. Will this be the day he dies or can he be saved by the impossible girl?

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