‘The Visitor’ (DS9) (TV)



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This is regarded as one of the most popular episodes of the ‘DS9’ series. After watching this again on DVD, I found myself bursting into tears. This episode has had a great effect on many people and me.

In the episode, we see an elderly Jake Sisko played by Tony Todd. Tony Todd is well-known for playing Kurn, Worf’s brother in ‘Star Trek’. It was intriguing to see him play an older Jake in this tale.

Old Jake gets visited by a young girl called Melanie, played by Rachel Robinson, who happens to be the daughter of Andrew Robinson who plays Garek in ‘DS9’. 😀 Melanie is this aspiring young writer.

She came to visit old Jake at his house, out of the pouring rain, because she’s a fan of his books. Jake happens to be a successful author in the future (or is in this alternative future as it is later revealed).

Melanie wants to know why Jake gave up writing when he got older. Jake gradually shares with Melanie what his story is as it turns out his father died when he was eighteen. That’s a shock to hear.

We hear Jake telling the story to Melanie in flashbacks as it happened on the Defiant many years ago. His father Captain Sisko took Jake to see an inversion of the Bajoran wormhole happen in space.

Unfortunately, the inversion caused a malfunction in the Defiant’s warp drive. A bolt of energy shot at Sisko when he was in engineering and it caused him to vanish into subspace, shocking Jake badly.

It becomes saddening once Jake and the DS9 crew mourn Sisko, believing him to be dead. There’s a ceremony to celebrate the memory of Sisko. Over time, Jake struggles to get over his father’s death.

But a few months later, Jake catches sight of his father for a brief moment in his quarters. He believes it to be a dream at first, yet it seemed real. Meanwhile, other people move on in their lives.

Aron Eisenberg as Nog is about to go off to Starfleet Academy whilst Jake stays aboard the station. There’s also an incoming threat of the Klingon Empire about to assume control of DS9 and its sector.

This all passes within a year of the incident and very soon, Jake sees his father again. This time however, he’s real and Sisko is brought to the infirmary where the DS9 crew examine what’s wrong.

It’s a tearful reunion between Jake and his father whilst he’s in the infirmary. But the crew is unable to return Sisko home to the normal flow of time and he vanishes again. Jake is so heartbroken again.

Once the Klingon Empire has taken control of DS9, Jake returns to Earth. He soon grows up to become a successful author. He also marries Galyn Görg as Korena, a very beautiful Bajoran woman.

Nog also becomes a Starfleet commander by this point. It’s good that Nog has become a success as well as Jake in this timeline. Eventually late at night, Jake and Korena receive a visit from Sisko again.

Jake introduces him to his wife and shows him the books that he’s published. Jake apologises to his father for forgetting him, but Sisko’s happy that he’s moved on with his life before he vanishes again.

Determined to save him, Jake decides to return to school in order to study subspace mechanics. Unfortunately, Jake abandons his writing career and his marriage when overwhelmed with his work.

Decades later, Jake attempts to recreate the accident on the Defiant when the wormhole is about to undergo another inversion. It was fun seeing an older Nog, an older Jadiza and older Bashir in this. 😀

The attempt to create the accident sends Jake into subspace with his father briefly. Sisko is disappointed that Jake abandoned his writing and marriage as he begs him to return to his passions.

Back in the present day, Jake tells Melanie that he knows his father will return and he’s injected himself with a lethal hypospray dose to ‘cut the cord’. Jake’s scenes with Melanie were lovely to see.

Sisko does return to Jake before he dies. Sisko is upset Jake is dying in order to save him, but Jake tells him he did it to give them a ‘second chance’. 😦 Sisko returns back in time to dodge the accident.

As I write this review, I have tears in my eyes again. ‘The Visitor’ is an emotionally powerful episode to feature in the ‘DS9’ series. The music composed by Dennis McCarthy helps to make it compelling.

‘The Visitor’ (DS9) rating – 9/10

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