‘Rest & Re-Creation’ (YB/Comic)


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Zygons on Shontaa with the Fourth Doctor and Leela

‘Rest & Re-Creation’ is by Warwick Gray, which is an earlier pseudonym for Scott Gray. The story was drawn by Charles Adlard and it featured in the ‘Doctor Who Yearbook’ of 1994. The story has the Fourth Doctor and Leela facing two Zygons whilst they’re enjoying a picnic on the planet Shontaa. 😀

The Fourth Doctor and Leela have met Zygons in the Big Finish audio ‘Zygon Hunt’. I assume this comic story takes place after that, even though ‘Rest & Re-Creation’ was made before ‘Zygon Hunt’ in 2014. The Doctor and Leela’s picnic gets interrupted once a duel between two Zygons takes place.

The two Zygons are Anktra and Kestral and they’re both Zygon warlords. It’s a duel to the death for these two. I don’t know what caused this duel to begin with initially, but then there’s not enough time to appreciate the characters in an eight-page comic tale. The Doctor and Leela must stop them.

Anktra and Kestral use a variety of host bodies to fight each other. This includes a Maakrian swamp bear, a Tekazoid cave beast, a Dox barbarian, a Shad’ath gladiator, a Korjan anthropoid, a Polar Morelian, a tendrak and a valkari. These are aliens I’ve never come across before in ‘Doctor Who’. 😀

Eventually, the Doctor and Leela put an end to the Zygons’ duel by releasing their captives aboard their scout ship. They force the Zygons to return to their now somewhat angered alien prisoners to their home planets. Overall, ‘Rest & Re-Creation’ has been a satisfying, enjoyable comic adventure. 🙂

‘Rest & Re-Creation’ rating – 7/10

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