‘The Austen Code’ Fun Facts

the austen code

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You’ve probably seen this before. If you haven’t, then this is what I would call a mini Easter Egg of a special feature to add to my ‘Doctor Who’ fan-fiction story, ‘The Austen Code’, the first story in ‘The Salvador Trilogy’ of ‘The Fifth Doctor by Tim Bradley’ series. I hope you’ll enjoy this little item by me.

I’d like to share with you some fun facts about this ‘Doctor Who’ story on ‘Bradley’s Basement’ from the TARDIS databank. These are facts that I found out about whilst writing the story back in 2011 and afterwards when I reviewed the story in retrospective. I hope you’ll find these facts interesting.


‘The Austen Code’ features the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Billy meeting literary author Jane Austen in Bath. The Doctor had met Jane Austen before prior to this story in the Companion Chronicle called ‘Frostfire’. That story featured Vicki with the First Doctor and Steven meeting Jane Austen in 1814.

In the TV series of ‘Doctor Who’, the Eleventh Doctor mentioned Jane Austen in a competition announcement on ‘Doctor Who Confidential’ in 2011. The Twelfth Doctor mentions Jane Austen in the 2014 TV episode ‘The Caretaker’ as well as Clara Oswald in the 2015 TV episode ‘Face the Raven’.


A passing reference is made to the Brigadier by the Fifth Doctor to Nyssa before the events of ‘Mawdryn Undead’. This was a dedication made to the actor Nicholas Courtney who played the Brigadier in ‘Doctor Who’ and passed away in February 2011 at the time ‘The Austen Code’ was written in March of that year.

the austen code9

In Roman times, the city of Bath in 79 AD was called ‘Aquae Sulis’. Its translation from Latin to English was ‘the waters of Sulis’. The name was given to the water goddess called Sulis Minerva who resided in the waters of Bath at the time during the Roman occupation of Great Britain.

jane austen

Jane Austen made her first visit to Bath in 1797. She would reside in Bath in the early 1800s before her death in 1817. Two of her novels were set in Bath including ‘Northanger Abbey’ and ‘Persuasion’, with the first reflecting her early visits to Bath and the second reflecting her later residence in Bath.

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