Quick DVD Review – ‘Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring’

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ and I’m Tim Bradley!

It’s time for another ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoon film to enjoy! Recently, I’ve seen ‘Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring’ on DVD! Like many ‘Tom and Jerry’ films, this one’s pretty zany and full of slapstick where our cat and mouse duo get into the magic spells and they have an adventure with a magic ring.

In this film, Tom is owned by a young wizard master. He’s left in charge of a priceless magical ring before Tom becomes horrified to see the ring stuck on Jerry’s head. This soon leads Tom and Jerry out into the city. They must find a way to get the ring off Jerry’s head and get out of a lot of trouble.

It does take a while for the magic ring to do some magic when Jerry has it stuck on his head. I did wonder if this movie was going to be full of witches and wizards like a ‘Harry Potter’ extravaganza. It didn’t turn out to be the case as the story’s mostly about Tom and Jerry being in some city nearby. 😐

It was fun to watch the film in its second half. I enjoyed the mishaps and trouble our cat and mouse duo got into. This is especially when Tom got chased by certain characters like dogs well-known in the ‘Tom and Jerry’ universe as well as a cat wanting to eat Jerry and a boy with…scary-looking eyes.

As well as Tom and Jerry in the film, there’s also Droopy dog as well as Butch. Droopy is a fortune teller in the film (hardly a surprise 😀 ) and Butch wants to get the ring off Jerry’s head as part of his collection. Spike and Tyke are also in the film and they ravage Tom badly once in a cage with them. 🙂

There’s also two mice bullies Freddie and Joey as well as the younger, cute, dim-witted mouse named Nibbles. Jerry gets put in with Freddie, Joey and Nibbles at a shop as well as Tom with Spike and Tyke. Shouldn’t Freddie know Jerry is his cousin as he was Muscles in that story ‘Jerry’s Cousin’?

Also, isn’t Nibbles like Jerry’s nephew in the ‘Tom and Jerry’ universe? And also called Tuffy in some stories? (clears throat) Anyway, Jerry uses the magic ring on Nibbles, making him grow gigantic, as well as turning the bully mice Freddie and Joey into cheese. It’s quite amusing when that happened.

The black alley cat who wants to eat Jerry joins in the chase with Spike, Tyke, Droopy and Butch as well as three police cars at night and the scary-eyed boy after Tom and Jerry. It’s funny how the police took the theft of Jerry from the scary boy by Tom as seriously as they did when I saw this film.

It’s amusing that Spike, Tyke, Droopy, Butch, the police cars and the scary-eyed boy (I believe) were frozen in time by Jerry with the magic ring…only to be unfrozen at the film’s end to chase after Tom in the daytime once he got the ring off his finger in the film. It was very unfair on poor Tom cat here.

It was equally unfair when Tom’s master, the young wizard called Chip, accused Tom for stealing his ring when he had it on his finger. If only Tom could’ve explained that he’d been looking after his magic ring all the time he was away whilst trying to get it off Jerry’s head in the city. Sadly he didn’t.

The film concludes with Jerry receiving the salmon promised to Tom by Chip before he turns it into cheese with the power of the magic ring. Interesting that some of the ring’s power remained in Jerry in the film. I’m surprised Jerry didn’t keep the ring for himself and went on saying, “My precious!” 😀

‘Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring’ was a fun film to watch. I don’t think it’s the greatest ‘Tom and Jerry’ flick I’ve ever seen and it’s not all that inspiring. But its harmless entertainment and Tom and Jerry never cease to entertain in their antics, even as Tom attempts to get a magic ring off Jerry’s head.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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