‘A Star is Born’ (TV)


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It’s interesting to talk about this episode. Apparently, this is one of the ‘lost’ episodes of ‘It Ain’t Half Hot Mum’, as the master videotape for this episode was wiped by the BBC after its transmission in 1974. Thankfully, a VHS videocassette copy recorded off-air in Australia had been recovered in 1988.

You can tell this is a VHS videocassette copy, as it’s not of broadcast quality and it’s slightly edited to allow for commercials. The sound quality isn’t that great either. You have to remember to look up this episode in the ‘extras’ of the Series 1 DVD disc. It’s still great though that this episode can be seen. 🙂

In the episode, Gunner Parkin is removed from the Concert Party, since he’s useless on stage. This is clearly evident in the opening scene where the Concert Party are performing to the officers. I feel sorry for Parkin, as surely he can do something that’s worthy of talent when he performs on stage. 😦

I find it odd that he’s useless, especially when he’s singing with the Concert Party in the opening and closing credits of each episode of the series. Mind you, he is performing with other members of the Concert Party. I imagine his confidence levels are up, as he’s singing with others and not by himself. 🙂

Angry about Parkin being sacked, the Sgt-Major appoints him to be stores clerk. It turns out he’s incompetent at that too. 😐 Is there anything that Parkin’s good at? It’s likely he won’t last long in India. 😀 Meanwhile, the Sgt-Major sees a chance to send the rest of the Concert Party up the jungle, which they don’t want.

The Concert Party need a plan in order to prevent the Sgt-Major sending them up the jungle. This is before the absent commanding officer, Colonel Reynolds, returns. Rangi thinks of a way around this. It involves bubonic plague, but the Sgt-Major outwits them and provides the men with inoculations.

Thankfully, salvation comes when the Concert Party persuade Reynolds’ second-in-command, Captain Ashwood, to put on a show built around his Noel Coward impression. This in turn cancels the trip up the jungle. The Sgt-Major is astonished to see Captian Ashwood taking part in the show. 🙂

‘A Star is Born’ is an enjoyable instalment in Series 1 of ‘It Ain’t Half Hot Mum’. The episodes do get better as the series progresses, but the Series 1 episodes have been decent enough. I think the Sgt-Major is going to get his dream to take his men up the jungle in the following episode of the series. 😐

‘A Star is Born’ rating – 7/10

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