‘The Dark River’ (TS)


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The Mississippi River with Adric and Nyssa

When I read a ‘Doctor Who’ story featuring Nyssa, my attention is instantly hooked! 😀 I greatly enjoyed reading ‘The Dark River’ by Matthew Waterhouse, who is well-known for playing Adric in the TV series and the Big Finish audios. It’s quite a lengthy tale but I’m immensely satisfied with it. 🙂

I believe this is the first time Matthew has written a ‘Doctor Who’ short story. He wrote his ‘Doctor Who’ memoirs ‘Blue Box Boy’, but this is the first time he’s written anything that’s fiction-related in the series. And he’s clearly got a grasp of good character and story when writing for Adric and Nyssa.

The story takes place during ‘Part Four’ of ‘The Visitation’ when Adric and Nyssa are attempting to take the TARDIS to the Squire’s house. It’s fascinating to read this story and find out what happened to Adric and Nyssa since they end up at the Mississippi River in the 1800s, I believe, and by mistake. 😀

They meet up with a man named James who happens to be a slave. James saved Adric’s life from drowning in the Mississippi River. Adric and Nyssa repay James by offering to help him escape enslavement. They journey on a raft along the Mississippi river before they meet another Time Lord.

This happens to be Doc Ashberry who has a Type 29 TARDIS. Matthew writes so well for Adric and Nyssa when they interact together. He captures Nyssa’s tones as a character well from working with Sarah Sutton of course. There’s a sort of romantic hint between them at the end, by it’s really subtle.

‘The Dark River’ rating – 9/10

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