‘The Roots of Evil’ (Puffin/Audio)

4. The_Roots_of_Evil  4. the roots of evil audio


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The Heligan Structure with the Fourth Doctor and Leela

The fourth story of the ‘Doctor Who’ Puffin e-shorts series is ‘The Roots of Evil’ by Philip Reeve. Here’s a YouTube interview with Philip Reeve.

Philip Reeve is well-known for writing the ‘Mortal Engines’ and ‘Goblins’ book series. I’ve not read any of the ‘Mortal Engines’ books, although a film adaptation of ‘Mortal Engines’ was made from producer Peter Jackson. I’ve not seen that movie, though I’ve not heard good reviews on its release.

‘The Roots of Evil’ features the Fourth Doctor and Leela. The story is divided into six chapters with a prologue at the beginning. The story seems to be set sometime after ‘The Sun Makers’. K-9 makes a cameo appearance too. The audiobook version of this story is read by Sophie Aldred, who plays Ace.

I like it when I hear a ‘Doctor Who’ audiobook read by Sophie and she’s wonderful playing Ace in the TV series and still is today in the Big Finish audios. Sophie voices well for the Fourth Doctor and Leela. I wonder why somebody like Louise Jameson wasn’t chosen to read ‘The Roots of Evil’ though.

In the story, the Doctor and Leela visit a space station which happens to be in the shape of a tree called the Heligan Structure. The Doctor and Leela receive an unfriendly welcome by the dwellers of this tree space station. It turns out the Doctor had caused the destruction of their home years ago. 😐

I enjoyed reading this story again as Phillip Reeve writes well for the Fourth Doctor and Leela. I liked it when the brief cameo of K-9 was made in this tale and it was fascinating to discover a reference to a future Doctor, which turned out to be the Eleventh Doctor. I wish he made a cameo in this tale too.

‘The Roots of Evil’ rating – 9/10

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