‘Police and Shreeves’ (ST/Audio)



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San the Shreeve with the Seventh Doctor and Ace

This story is by Adam Smith, who isn’t the same Adam Smith that directed some of the Matt Smith ‘Doctor Who’ stories on TV. It features the Seventh Doctor and Ace; and is read by Sophie Aldred. This was an intriguing tale to listen to. The Doctor and Ace become the police force for a short time as they attend to this alien Shreeve and her dealings with her landlord who wants to commit these big crimes.

Sophie Aldred is a wonderful narrator. I’ve met Sophie at conventions and have become good friends with her. Surprisingly, she doesn’t get to voice Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor which I was expecting her to. Most of the story is told in third person narration as it’s taken from various points on view throughout.

I enjoyed this short tale about San who loves her electricity, sometimes static from her home carpet. 😀 There is a sense of the Seventh Doctor era’s atmosphere featured in this tale, especially as the Doctor and Ace work undercover. Ace brings San in from a café to meet the Doctor at his office in this.

It’s interesting that Shreeves can adopt the faces of any person and San does this when capturing Ace’s likeness. Ace doesn’t like it and puts one hand behind San’s back, before revealing that she’d been looking for her. Ace takes pleasure taking San prisoner, especially once they’re on the tube train.

The story’s enemy is Steven Harper, who is San’s landlord. He spotted her with her electrical powers and uses her to commit crimes. Not sure what his angle is, but thankfully San helps the Doctor and Ace to capture him in some big crime. I was surprised the Brigadier appeared in this story. Or does he?

‘Police and Shreeves’ rating – 8/10

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