‘Vengeance of the Stones’ (DOTD) (Audio)

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Tribute for Jon Pertwee – Celebrating 50 Years of ‘Doctor Who’

It’s time to celebrate the Third Doctor era of ‘Doctor Who’ with Jon Pertwee!

Jon Pertwee’s era of Doctor Who is action-packed, thrilling and full of high drama. The first time I saw Jon Pertwee’s Doctor was in ‘The Five Doctors’. But it wasn’t long that I saw his era with stories like ‘Inferno’; ‘Day of the Daleks’; ‘The Three Doctors’; ‘Carnival of Monsters’; ‘The Time Warrior’, etc.

The Third Doctor era of ‘Doctor Who’ was the first seen in colour in the 1970s. Jon’s Doctor was exiled to Earth as he battled Daleks; Axons; Sea Devils; Autons and the Master. With U.N.I.T.; the Brigadier; Sergeant Benton Mike Yates and Jo Grant, this is what made the Jon Pertwee era special.

For the 50th anniversary of ‘Doctor Who’, I wrote my personal fan-fiction story with the Third Doctor; Jo and U.N.I.T. to celebrate the Third Doctor era. Also for the 50th anniversary, the ‘Destiny of the Doctor’ series, produced by Big Finish and AudioGo, continues in its third story called ‘Vengeance of the Stones’.

As before with ‘Hunters of Earth’ and ‘Shadow of Death’, this audio story is narrated and performed by an actor/actress who was in the TV series with a guest star as a supporting character. ‘Vengeance of the Stones’ is performed by Richard Franklin as Mike Yates from the TV series and guest stars Trevor Littledale as the villainous Garlin.

‘Vengeance of the Stones’ is by Andrew Smith, who wrote ‘Full Circle’ with Tom Baker’s Doctor in ‘The E-Space Trilogy’. Since then, Andrew had written ‘Doctor Who’ stories for Big Finish, including stories such as ‘Domain of the Voord’; ‘The Invasion of E-Space’; ‘Mistfall’; ‘The First Sontarans’; etc.

I’ve had the CD cover of ‘Vengeance of the Stones’ signed by Richard Franklins and writer Andrew Smith, who I both met at the ‘Big Blue Box 2’ convention in Tunbridge Wells, March 2013. I was lucky to see Richard and Andrew at the same convention and have this story’s CD cover by both of them.


It was nice to meet Richard Franklin for the first time back in March 2013. Richard is a gentleman and was very pleasant to meet and to talk to. It was so nice to chat to him about his time on ‘Doctor Who’ as well as working with Jon Pertwee; Katy Manning and Nicholas Courtney back in the 1970s.

‘Vengeance of the Stones’ is special – not just because U.N.I.T.; the Brigadier and Bessie (the Doctor’s yellow little roadster) features in this. But also, it’s very significant for being the debut story of young lieutenant Mike Yates who would become ‘captain’ by the time he appears in ‘Terror of the Autons’.

Although we ‘Doctor Who’ fans knew that Mike Yates was assigned to U.N.I.T. as the Brigadier’s second-in-command, it was never shown how he got involved with U.N.I.T. in the first place. Here in the story, Mike has his first meeting the Brigadier and the Doctor when he’s in the Highlands of Scotland.

Having been to Scotland before on summer holidays and visiting a stone circle on the Isle of Lewis, I was able to visualise this story very easily. I wasn’t familiar with the term ‘recumbent’ stone circles, but Andrew (being a Scot himself) certainly knew about them when he wrote this story on holiday.

There’s been a bit of stick since the story’s release about the little boy ‘Davey Ross’, who people seem to assume he’s either a young version of ‘Dave Ross’ or maybe perhaps ‘Davros’. I didn’t realise this at first until somebody mentioned it, and if it’s meant to be funny it’s certainly amusing to me.

Richard narrates this story well and pitches the Third Doctor and the Brigadier on the right level. I enjoyed the ‘prologue’ with the RAF fighter plane. Richard also does well narrating the progression the Doctor’s journey. It feels so multi-character driven instead of focusing just on Mike’s character.

It was lovely to hear the Third Doctor trying to be reasonable and trying to negotiate with the Tharos aliens that are on Earth whilst Garlin and the others intend to kill the humans. It put me in mind of ‘Doctor Who and the Silurians’ in terms of the conflict that’s between humans and the Tharos aliens.

I enjoyed Richard’s interpretation of the Brigadier; his military manner, clipped moustache and all. It made me feel that Nick Courtney was in the story. Just when you think the Brigadier’s sceptical about the Doctor’s theories, off he goes to rescue and save the Doctor from the sea in a helicopter.

Trevor Littledale guest stars Garlin, the leader of the Tharos aliens. I like Trevor’s performance as he brings a tortured and vengeful quality to Garlin, that’s sinister and frightening. The Tharos aliens have been subjected to the violence of humankind and now want vengeance for the crimes made.

The link of these ‘DOTD’ stories is still unclear so far, although there is a scene where the Third Doctor receives a phone call from his ‘future self’. It was very exciting to listen to and Richard Franklin does a good impersonation of Matt Smith’s Doctor. I wondered what this was all about.

There aren’t any CD extras, apart from the Third Doctor and Mike’s biographies in the CD sleeve notes. If you purchase the complete ‘DOTD’ series as a bundle from Big Finish, there’s a behind-the-scenes making-of documentary on the series called ‘Meeting with Destiny’ with ‘The Time Machine’.


From left to right: Richard Franklin; writer Andrew Smith and Trevor Littledale

‘Vengeance of the Stones’ has all the elements of the Jon Pertwee era in it. From Bessie to U.N.I.T.; from thriller to action-packed drama, this story has been very enjoyable. Also the opportunity to meet Richard Franklin and Andrew Smith, allowed me to gain insight to the characters and the story.

‘Vengeance of the Stones’ (DOTD) rating – 9/10

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5 thoughts on “‘Vengeance of the Stones’ (DOTD) (Audio)

  1. IWishIHadATardis

    Hi Tim

    I liked reading your thoughts on Vengeance. I rather liked this story, to me it really encapsulated the Third Doctor era tremendously well. I liked the nods to the Brigadier, and the Yates’ earlier years prior to joining UNIT, and all the things that the Third Doctor brought to his role, with the action man persona, etc.

    The way the story progressed with Yates’ thread, and the Doctor’s thread was very well done, I thought. A really good story overall.

    I really like the photo of yourself with Richard Franklin. He looks like a fine country gentleman, doesn’t he? He always seems such a nice genuine sort of chap.

    Great read, Tim, thanks.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim Bradley Post author

    Hi Leigh.

    I’m glad you enjoyed reading my review on ‘Vengeance of the Stones’. I’m glad you like this story as it does echo the Third Doctor era superbly well. I wish that Jo Grant was in this adventure so that Katy Manning could be in it, but I’m happy that RIchard Franklin performed this tale and I liked the inclusion of the Brigadier and Bessie in the story.

    It was good that this story depicted Mike Yates’ introduction to ‘Doctor Who’ which was never seen before on TV. Andrew Smith wrote it well in the story for Mike Yates’ introduction and I liked how he wrote for Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor in this adventure too. It’d be nice to have Andrew pen another adventure with the Third Doctor again, I’m sure.

    I’m pleased you like my photo with Richard Franklin. It was the first time I met her at a convention and he was genuinely pleasant to me when I met him.

    Thanks very much Leigh. Hope you enjoy my next ‘DOTD’ review ‘Babblesphere’ next.

    Tim. 🙂


  3. IWishIHadATardis

    Hi Tim

    Yes, I think this story was particularly interesting as it introduce the character of Mike Yates, which we never did get a chance to see on tv. I like the stories that broaden what we already know of the Doctor’s universe, and see other aspects of characters that we don’t know so much about, so this was a great chance to hear a story told of and by Mike.

    I would imagine Richard Franklin would be a pleasant fellow to chat with.

    I agree, it would be good to have another story by Andrew Smith with a Third Doctor story. I think the Third Doctor offers so much opportunity for such interesting stories, both on Earth and elsewhere in the universe, there seems a lot of scope for further stories.


    Liked by 1 person

  4. Timelord 007

    Brilliant review Tim, writer Andrew Smith effortlessly captures the action man persona of the Third Doctor & Richard Franklins narration is excellent.

    Is there anyone you haven’t met on Doctor Who my friend lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Tim Bradley Post author

    Glad you enjoyed my review on ‘Vengeance of the Stores’, Simon. I liked Andrew Smith’s writing in this and Richard Franklin’s performances keep the pace of the story throughout as it should be for a Third Doctor adventure.

    Hmm, well I’ve not met Peter Capaldi; Matt Smith; David Tennant or Christopher Eccleston yet. I’d like to meet either of them at a convention someday. 😀

    Thanks. Tim. 🙂



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