Concert Review – ‘Stuart Townend and Cambrensis in Concert’

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On Saturday the 13th of July this year, my parents and I attended ‘Stuart Townend and Cambrensis in Concert’. We had a nice time enjoying the songs and music performed by Stuart Townend, the Cambrensis Choir and Orchestra and the St. David’s Praise Choir. It felt pretty interactive for us too.

Stuart Townend is an internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter and one of today’s leading worship songwriters. If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I’m a Christian and go to church. At the church services I go to, the congregation sings plenty of songs that were by Stuart Townend himself.

It was very enjoyable to be attending a concert where songs I sung myself during church services as well as heard on music CDs featuring Stuart Townend’s songs and music were included. The concert itself was pretty packed out at St. David’s Hall in Cardiff in the evening. I found that so amazing to see!

As well as performing songs that have already been sung in church congregations, Stuart Townend also introduced new songs that I’d never heard before. Some of these songs were performed by himself during the concert as well as himself with his own daughter Emma. This was very nice to see.

Stuart’s son Joseph was also there playing the drums in the orchestra. The Cambrensis Choir and the St. David’s Praise were also very good. My parents and I have had the Cambrensis Choir in concerts we’ve organised for my late sister Bethan and they’ve been very good singing songs by John Rutter.

The way the concert worked was that it began with an overture by the Cambrensis Orchestra. There were also times when the choir and us an audience sang songs together. This included ‘Come, People of the Risen King’, ‘The Lord’s My Shepherd’, ‘Oh to See the Dawn’ and ‘See What a Morning’. I knew many of these songs well having sung them in church services on Sunday mornings.

Like I said, Stuart Townend also sung songs in the concert that were unfamiliar to me. This included ‘The Man Who Calmed The Sea’, ‘Vagabonds’, ‘Keep You Here’, ‘There is a Hope’, ‘How Good It Is To Sing’ and ‘I am Here For You’. The last song I mentioned was written by Stuart and his daughter Emma.

The Cambrensis Choir and the St. David’s Praise Choir also performed songs on their own during the concert including ‘Pantyfedwen’ (which is a Welsh hymn), ‘Behold the Lamb’ and ‘O Wondrous Love’. The atmosphere for the concert was pretty lively especially when us as an audience joined in.

The event also had a note of sadness as one of the Cambrensis family, Anne Brown, had passed away this year. She had many roles including Assistant Music Director, Administrator of Cambrensis Ministries and was the founder and Music Director of the Cambrensis Junior Singers (also know as the Cambrats). It was nice that Stuart Townend and others made a tribute to her during the concert. My parents and I remember Anne Brown for the wonderful performance of the Cambrats during the concert for my belated sister Bethan.

Overall, the ‘Stuart Townend and Cambrensis in Concert’ was very enjoyable for me and my parents. We saw other people for our local churches who also enjoyed it and it must’ve been very popular since there were so many people attending and Stuart Townend is pretty superb as a worship singer.

If you’d like to know more about Stuart Townend, check out his website here –

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