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Celebrating 20 Years of ‘Doctor Who’ @ Big Finish

Hello everyone! 🙂

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Wait a minute! It’s the 20th anniversary of ‘Doctor Who’ @ Big Finish this year! That’s amazing! First they did ‘Bernice Summerfield’ and then they did ‘Doctor Who’! I’m very pleased to have heard many of the Big Finish audios featuring my favourite Doctors and companions from the TV series over the years! It’s been incredible and I’m pleased Big Finish continues to be so popular to this day! Continue reading

‘Doctor Who’ Marathon – ‘The Time of Angels’/’Flesh and Stone’

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley! 

Today it’s time for the first two-part story featured in the Matt Smith era of ‘Doctor Who’. It’s ‘The Time of Angels’/’Flesh and Stone’ with Matt Smith’s Doctor and Amy Pond. This story of course features the return of the Weeping Angels from ‘Blink’ and River Song from ‘Silence In The Library’/’Forest of the Dead’. Continue reading