‘The Armageddon Chrysalis’ (Annual)


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Voorvolika with the Fifth Doctor – Nyssa and Tegan Are In This Too

‘The Armageddon Chrysalis’ is the third story of the 1983 ‘Doctor Who Annual’. I found this a decent read overall, but once again Nyssa and Tegan don’t get much dialogue as characters. It’s mostly the Doctor who gets the centre of attention. He gets to tackle an evil parasitic menace called Voorvolika.

The story begins with the Doctor waking up and feeling disorientated after the TARDIS was attacked. As the Doctor recovers and checks on Nyssa and Tegan, he discovers that the TARDIS is enveloped by Voorvolika who is draining the energy supplies. The Doctor must go outside to confront this menace.

The story does feel pretty exciting and tense as you read the first half of the adventure. You wonder what’s going on as the Doctor struggles to keep awake and passes out at times. It does get a rather dull when the Doctor’s walking through Voorvolika’s body to reach the brain centre in order to kill it.

There are pieces of text where we see the story taken from Voorvolika’s point of view. It especially learns from Nyssa the names of the three time travelers that it has to deal with. It gets tense when Voorvolika is hungry for energy from the TARDIS and the Doctor and it panics when it gets defeated.

The story does end rather quickly with the Doctor defeating Voorvolika and wondering if he’ll be there the next time it attacks. There’s no concern raised about Nyssa and Tegan in the TARDIS. I was like were Nyssa and Tegan alright by the end of the story? They’ve been inactive in these tales so far.

‘The Armageddon Chrysalis’ rating – 4/10

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