‘The Deep’ (ST/Audio)



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The TARDIS becomes a Giant Whale with the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa

This story is by Ally Kennen. It features the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa; and is read by Peter Davison. This story is my favourite out of the ‘Short Trips: Volume I’ CD collection. Hardly surprising, considering that the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa are my favourite TARDIS team in the Big Finish audios of ‘Doctor Who’.

In the story, Nyssa tries to repair the TARDIS’ chameleon circuit. Sceptical of Nyssa’s efforts at first, the Doctor becomes enthusiastic when he tries the ‘repaired’ chameleon circuit out. But things go badly wrong once the TARDIS turns into a big whale. The Doctor and Nyssa get swept on the shore. 😮

I found the story well-contained as it just features the Doctor and Nyssa with the TARDIS transforming into a giant whale. I liked the interaction shared between the Doctor and Nyssa as they try to find out what went wrong with the chameleon circuit as well as finding a solution to recover their TARDIS back.

Peter Davison reads the story very well, getting Nyssa’s tones spot on from working with Sarah Sutton in the Big Finish audios. I wish that this short story was a full-cast audio episode. It would be nice to hear Peter and Sarah interact with each other if they did this tale together as a full-cast audio episode.

Apparently, the author Ally Kennen is an award-winning author of young adult fiction. I didn’t know this. 😀 It’s also intriguing how this story tackles the approach of repairing the TARDIS’ chameleon circuit with it being broken as established in ‘Logopolis’. I like how Nyssa attempts to repair the circuit.

‘The Deep’ rating – 9/10

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