‘The Penalty’ (Annual/Audio)



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A Nightmare With The Fifth Doctor as Nyssa and Tegan Watch Him

‘The Penalty’ was the story chosen from the 1983 ‘Doctor Who Annual’ to be read in ‘The Doctor Who Audio Annual’. It’s read by Matthew Waterhouse. I don’t know why ‘The Penalty’ was the story chosen for ‘The Doctor Who Audio Annual’ since I don’t find it to be a very good story in my opinion.

Nyssa and Tegan aren’t in it very much. They’re mainly at the beginning of the story. The rest of it has the Doctor having a nightmare whilst he’s delirious after getting infected with Ponassan germs. During the nightmare, the Doctor sees old friends and enemies ganging up on him which was weird.

I honestly would’ve liked ‘The Haven’ to be read for ‘The Doctor Who Audio Annual’ and to be read by Sarah Sutton. It had more character-driven drama in it. There is a theme about the Doctor paying the penalty for the adventures he’s had. This is why he’s having a nightmare of past friends and foes.

But honestly, the story wasn’t that exciting enough. The pacing felt slow and it seemed to be resolved too quickly even for a short story in a ‘Doctor Who Annual’. It’s not very clear who the Doctor sees in his nightmare. Based on the descriptions, I’m certain the Brigadier and Leela were in it.

With Matthew Waterhouse reading the story, I’m inclined to believe the 1982 ‘Doctor Who Annual’ stories featuring the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan take place during Season 19 whilst Adric is somewhere else. Matthew reads the story well and does good voices for Nyssa, Tegan and the Fifth Doctor.

There is one feature after ‘The Penalty’ in the 1983 ‘Doctor Who Annual’ called ‘To the Far Planets’.

‘The Penalty’ rating – 2/10

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