‘The Haven’ (Annual)


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The Haven with the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan

‘The Haven’ is a ‘Doctor Who Annual’ story that I really enjoyed reading! This time, it has the Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan becoming actively involved in the plot rather than just the Doctor and having Nyssa and Tegan sidelined. I also enjoyed the dialogue Nyssa and Tegan had whilst I was reading this story.

I’m surprised ‘The Haven’ wasn’t chosen as the story to be read for ‘The Doctor Who Audio Annual’. It showcases the Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan’s strength as a unit of characters opposing a benign threat at a seemingly pleasant ‘haven’ where bodies are in cold storage before they get misused in the tale.

The Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan visit the planet 435. Thank goodness they didn’t visit the planet of the 456 from the ‘Torchwood’ story ‘Children of Earth’. That would’ve been problematic. 😀 They meet an old man called Carnak who’s stone-faced and emotionless as the Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan meet him.

I like how the story progresses where Carnak makes out that everything’s alright with the bodies in cold storage to the TARDIS trio. The Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan leave before suspecting something is wrong and returning to find some of the bodies with metallic implants on them. Carnak is controlling them.

The story concludes rather dramatically as the Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan get locked away by Carnak and his minions. The Doctor uses mind-control to thwart Carnak whilst Nyssa and Tegan push their friend out on a trolley to return to the TARDIS. The trio return safely to the TARDIS at the tale’s end.

There are four features after ‘The Haven’ in the 1983 ‘Doctor Who Annual’. There’s ‘A Problem For You…’, ‘Behind The Scenes at Doctor Who: Set Design and Costume’, ‘Thaw For 25,000 Years’ and ‘Will Our Sun Always Shine?’.

‘The Haven’ rating – 7/10

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