‘The Nameless City’ (Puffin/Audio)

2. the nameless city audio


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The Archons and Thascalos with the Second Doctor and Jamie

The second story of the ‘Doctor Who’ Puffin e-shorts series is ‘The Nameless City’ by Michael Scott. Here’s a YouTube interview with Michael Scott.

Michael Scott is well-known for writing ‘The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel’ series. I’ve not come across Michael Scott as a writer before. I think it’s fair to say I found his writing more enjoyable than Eoin Colfer’s. Mind you, I don’t think ‘The Nameless City’ is a great ‘Doctor Who’ tale.

‘The Nameless City’ features the Second Doctor and Jamie. The story has a prologue and is divided into five chapters. It takes place when the Doctor and Jamie are travelling alone together. Not sure if it’s set after the events of ‘The War Games’ or not. The audiobook version of this story is read by Frazer Hines.

Frazer is well-known for playing Jamie in the ‘Doctor Who’ TV series and the Big Finish audios. I’m pleased Frazer read this story since he does a great voice for Patrick Troughton’s Doctor on audio. I enjoyed reading and listening to ‘The Nameless City’, although the first half is better than the second.

The story begins in London, 1968 where Jamie rescues an old professor and is given a book by him. When Jamie gives the book to the Doctor, the TARDIS soon goes out of control. The ship takes the Doctor and Jamie to an alien planet where they face the alien Archons. Can they outwit these aliens?

I found it very gripping when I read scenes featuring the Doctor and Jamie together and when they got into trouble. I wish the story’s second half had the old professor that Jamie rescued making a return. The old professor happens to be called Professor Thascalos, who I like to think is the Master.

‘The Nameless City’ rating – 7/10

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