TV Review – ‘Great British Car Journeys’ – Series 2, Episode 3

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We’re back again with another episode of ‘Great British Car Journeys’. It’s the third of four episodes in Series 2, starring Christopher Timothy and Peter Davison. I’ve enjoyed watching this documentary series this year, especially its second series. I’ve been able to feel relaxed watching it every Saturday.

I did feel that the third episode wasn’t as exciting as the first two instalments, with the first having ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ references in it and the second having a ‘Doctor Who’ reference in it. But I still enjoyed watching the third episode of Series 2 and there were intriguing moments to see.

In this episode, Chris and Peter explore the Scottish Borders countryside as they drive from Edinburgh to Hadrian’s Wall. This was a fascinating episode to watch and I enjoyed two gents driving in the Scottish Borders. My parents and I have been on holidays driving through the Borders as well.

I’ve noticed how this documentary series showcases Peter’s interest in motor cars of the 1930s whilst Chris’ interest is in history and heritage as clearly established in every episode introduction. They’ve still got their Morgan 4/4 for this episode. Surely they must’ve it on loan to make this series. 😀

I enjoyed how Chris and Peter started off their journey from Edinburgh. I’ve been to Edinburgh myself with my parents years ago and recognised some of the roads, including one going over the bridge. I agree that car driving in cities can be very hard-going compared to driving on the open road.

On their journey through the Scottish borders, Chris and Peter meet some motor-sporting heroes. It was interesting to discover that some motor-sporting drivers are actually farmers in real-life. I wouldn’t have considered that. It’s easy to make the assumption that farmers just do…well, farming.

The first port of call Chris and Peter make is meeting a Scottish lady who owns a Galloway car. It was interesting to hear the history of Galloway cars and how Dorothée Pullinger was involved. Peter and Chris got to ride in the Galloway. Chris sat in the front seat whilst Peter was in the back for a change.

I enjoyed it when Peter and Chris met the son of Jim Clark, who was a British racing driver of the 1960s. This was at a farm and Peter and Chris also got to see a 12-year old boy driving a quad bike to herd some sheep. Yes! I said a 12-year old boy. That was pretty astonishing to watch in the episode.

Peter and Chris encountered a dodgy driver who was indecisive on whether to turn left and right. I know! I’ve been in that situation before. The two gents also went to see a number of Rolls-Royces driving in at a country house for a Rolls-Royce show which was impressive. A shame they didn’t stay.

It was funny when Peter and Chris stopped to wash up the car at a nearby river when it seemed to get grubby. Peter and Chris mucked around a bit which was funny to see. They took it in turns to wash different parts of the car. I could see that naughty side of Peter coming out in washing the car.

Perhaps the biggest highlight of the episode is when Peter took an exhilarating ride with a champion rally driver. I must admit, I was afraid for Peter and hoped he would be alright after he had that exhilarating experience. Thankfully he was and he got to reunite with Chris to share the experience.

The episode concluded with Chris and Peter arriving at where they needed to be at Hadrian’s Wall. But they needed to climb up a hill in order to get there. For the latest two episodes, Chris and Peter have had to finish their journeys on foot. It was so interesting to see what Hadrian’s Wall looked like.

I enjoyed the latest episode of ‘Great British Car Journeys’ with Chris Timothy and Peter Davison. I felt relaxed watching it and found some intriguing moments to see. I made sure I savoured every moment of this episode as I know that Series 2 is coming to an end soon, which is rather sad indeed.

Stay tuned for my review on Series 2, Episode 4 of ‘Great British Car Journeys’ next week! Catch up on other episodes in the ‘Great British Car Journeys’ series via the Channel link here.

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