TV Review – ‘A Tricki Case’ (All Creatures Great and Small) (2020)

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I’m really getting into the spirit of this new ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ series being shown on Channel 5 on UK TV, since because…well, I found the fourth episode really funny. I mean it, the comedy in the fourth episode works well. Something I didn’t expect to find compared to the original.

As indicated in the episode’s title, ‘A Tricki Case’ is of course about Tricki-Woo. And that means another appearance of the late Diana Rigg playing Mrs. Pumphrey! I was very happy to see Diana Rigg again in this episode as it hasn’t been long since she passed away following the second episode.

In the episode, James Herriot takes drastic action to help sort out Tricki-Woo’s weight problem by taking him away from Mrs. Pumphrey’s house in order for the dog to live at Skeldale House. It’s pretty funny when the weight problem gets worse with open hamper supplied by Mrs. Pumphrey. 😀

The veterinary trio of Nicholas Ralph as James, Samuel West as Siegfried and Callum Woodhouse as Tristan has grown on me. Whilst they’re not a match on Christopher Timothy, Robert Hardy and Peter Davison, I’m convinced these three are the characters they’re playing and are doing a good job. 🙂

The interaction between James, Siegfried and Tristan is great fun. I even like Siegfried more as I watch the episodes as Samuel West does him well. I liked that moment when Siegfried admits it wasn’t Tristan’s fault that got Tricki-Woo overweight since James had entrusted Trist to look after that dog.

It was also amusing when Tristan tried to get money off from Siegfried in order to secure his position at the veterinary college he was supposed to go to. In the end, Siegfried ends up not giving Tristan the money and decides to tutor him at Skeldale House himself. Something Trist isn’t happy about. 😀

I was delighted to see Seán Carlsen (who’s been in ‘Doctor Who’) playing Joe Mulligan in the episode, along with his big dog Clancy. It was a nice echo of the original 1978-1990 series to be found in the 2020 remake and it was amusing to see Siegfried and Tristan’s reactions to the big dog.

It was also nice to see the sort-of romantic relationship progress between James and his love interest Rachel Shenton as Helen Alderson. I’m not sure how it’s going to progress by the time the first season comes to an end, but I’m hoping that it will be a positive outcome between these two. 🙂

The episode also features Anna Madeley as Mrs. Hall, who referees between Siegfried and Tristan very often and there’s Matthew Lewis as Hugh Hulton who sort-of forgives James following the third episode as he fixed his car. We even get to meet Helen’s father, Mr. Alderson, for the first time here.

Tony Pitts plays Richard Alderson, Helen’s father in the series whilst Imogen Clawson plays Jenny, Helen’s sister. For a while, we’ve not seen much of Helen’s family apart from her sister. I wasn’t sure if Helen had a father by this point. It’s a rocky start when Mr. Alderson thinks James is stealing eggs.

Overall, ‘A Tricki Case’ has been a fun ‘All Creatures’ episode to sit through. I genuinely found myself laughing a lot at many of the comedic moments featured in the episode, especially concerning Tricki-Woo and the three main leads James, Siegfried and Tristan, who I feel have got better as characters.

Whilst I will always love the original 1978-1990s series, I do feel the 2020 remake has done well for itself in echoing something of the original whilst also providing a new slant on it. Hopefully the series will continue to be better in its next two instalments as well as the Christmas Special coming soon. 🙂

The tribute to Diana Rigg is given again at the end of the fourth episode like it was given at the end of the third episode.

Stay tuned for my review on the fifth episode of the ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ 2020 remake called ‘All’s Fair’ for my blog next week.

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3 thoughts on “TV Review – ‘A Tricki Case’ (All Creatures Great and Small) (2020)

  1. Bruce Grieve

    We are in the USA, and I was excited to see the show being advertised recently. I thoroughly enjoyed the first series so many years ago and bought all of the books after it went off the air. This show is really a joy to watch! I do have a question The green sports car,,,,What is it? It looks to me like an MG possibly a MG TD but I am not sure. I love that car, I owned a 1964 MGB so I am partial but would love to know what it is!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Bruce.

      Glad you’re enjoying this new version of ‘All Creatures Great and Small’. Thank you for sharing your insight into the show as well as the original series and the books.

      I’m not really an expert on cars so I can’t tell you whether the green sports car is an MG TD or not. I’ll have to do more research when it comes to revisiting the 2020 series which I hope will be very soon. I’ll let you know should I find out anything.

      Many thanks,

      Tim. 🙂


      1. Bruce Grieve

        Thank you for the reply Tim. ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ is without a doubt one of my favorite shows. The original is to blame ! But the new one is shaping up to equal the original in humor and drama with that unmistakable compassion for the animals. My only issue with both of the shows is my ability to catch on to the conversations, even though I come from Scottish ancestry it is still difficult for this Oregonian to catch on…LOL Thanks again and if I can figure out what that beautiful car is I will let you know!
        Bruce Grieve
        P.S. The website is a podcast of my weekly radio show, If you have the time to listen AND have have an affinity for rock & roll of the 50’s-70’s and early 80’s

        Liked by 1 person

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