‘BB@5 Anniversary Celebration Blog-a-Thon’ – 16:45:00


Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool played by Timelord007

Hello to everybody’s favourite ‘Doctor Who’ reviewer, Tim Bradley. Or is it Billy Walker? I’d just like to say Happy 5th Anniversary to ‘Bradley’s Basement’. It is a great blog for fans to geek out to ‘Doctor Who’ and other TV shows and movies, including my two excellent ‘Deadpool’ movies.

However, I have discovered some secrets about Tim Bradley. He has been lying and fooling us all! You see, Tim Bradley IS in fact…Francis! 😮

Yeah! Francis went and got plastic surgery. He kidnapped the real Tim Bradley, just like he kidnapped Timelord007 for Tim’s ‘Star Trek II’ cinema experience review. Francis has kept Tim locked up in his basement and he even had the cheek to call the blog ‘Bradley’s Basement’, knowing full well the real Tim Bradley was imprisoned in his own basement! It explains why I never received a “Thank you!” from Tim for saving the lives of Wolfie and Whiskeybrewer during his and Timelord007’s ‘Avengers: Endgame’ review. Most appaling!

You thought you could get one over on Uncle Wade, but now I’ve outed you, Francis. I’ll be seeing you real soon, Francis.”

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