‘Dalek Soul’ (Audio)


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Mojox with Nyssa, the Doctor and the Daleks

‘Dalek Soul’ is definitely my favourite out of the two stories of the ‘Alien Heart’/’Dalek Soul’ CD. First of all, I was (and still am) very impressed with Sarah Sutton’s performance as Nyssa in this audio tale.

Nyssa also gets to be the main heroine of this story whilst the Doctor gets to be the villain. WOW!  I said this to Sarah Sutton myself. I wasn’t expecting to hear that as it was gripping and tense to listen to.

In the story, it seems that Nyssa is working for the Daleks on the planet Mojox. But it turns out that Nyssa isn’t the real Nyssa at all, just as the Doctor isn’t the real Doctor. This was a shock and exciting!

I liked how things get unveiled and how the truth of what was happening in the story is revealed which was very exciting! It makes for good drama and the dialogue between our leads was amazing!

This is the first time that Guy Adams has written for the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa together in a Big Finish audio. He writes well for them since he adds a new twist on the characters we know and love.

I shared with Sarah Sutton how much I loved her performance as Nyssa in this second story of the CD collection. Sarah was pleased to hear me say this. She agreed and said she liked ‘Dalek Soul’ too.

Sarah considers ‘Alien Heart’/’Dalek Soul’ as one of her ‘Top Five Nyssa Audios Dramas’ according to the interview I did with her at the ‘York Unleashed’ event in August 2017. Sarah loves the dialogue scenes that she had.

I too enjoyed the interaction Sarah as Nyssa had with Peter’s Doctor in the audio tale. It was exciting to hear a different version of Nyssa compared to the one we know and love from other adventures.

Nyssa could have been as evil as the Doctor was in ‘Dalek Soul’. But she somehow managed to keep her compassionate nature, despite working for the Daleks, which I was pleased with during the tale.

Peter Davison is menacing as the evil Doctor in this audio adventure. Unlike Nyssa, he’s so callous and disregarding of life with the Mojoxalli. He’s also a loyal supporter of the Daleks in this adventure.

It was so disturbing to hear Peter Davison acting not like the Doctor we know and love. He’s sadistic; cruel; betrays a group of Mojoxalli on a mission and he even becomes nasty to Nyssa at some points.

There’s a scene I like when Nyssa asks the Doctor how long they’ve been friends. The Doctor doesn’t consider Nyssa a friend and laughs her off. Nyssa gets confused since she thought they were friends.

If you want to know what became of the real Doctor and Nyssa, the fake Nyssa gets to see some video files of them captured by Daleks on Mojox. It was all pretty exciting and intriguing to listen to.

I enjoyed the climactic scenes between Nyssa and the Doctor, when she takes them to an outpost storage area to discover the truth. The dialogue between the two is so spellbinding and so engaging.

I like how the Daleks are portrayed in this audio adventure. The Daleks treat Nyssa and the Doctor as their slaves. It was interesting how the Doctor had meetings with the Daleks and was loyal to them.

The climax was exciting to listen to, as Nyssa outwits the Doctor and the Daleks with a virus that gets released. The virus does not kill the Mojoxalli as presumed intended, but on the Daleks themselves.

It also kills the Doctor and Nyssa, since they have Dalek DNA in them. I enjoyed it when the Doctor becomes enraged, hell-bent on killing Nyssa. I was saddened as the duplicate Nyssa died at the end.

I really enjoyed ‘Alien Heart’ and ‘Dalek Soul’ from their ‘Doctor Who’ audio CD by Big Finish back in April 2017 and I still do today. I was very pleased to hear the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa together again and, as ever, Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton deliver tremendous performances for their characters.

The CD extras are as follows. On Disc 1 of the ‘Alien Heart’/’Dalek Soul’ CD, there’s a suite of incidental music to enjoy. On Disc 2, there is a trailer for ‘Vortex Ice’/’Cortex Fire’ with Colin Baker and Lisa Greenwood. There are also behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast and crew, including Peter Davison, Sarah Sutton, Nicholas Briggs, director Ken Bentley, etc.

If you subscribe to Big Finish for ‘Alien Heart’/’Dalek Soul’ via a 6 or 12 CD/download subscription, you’ll get the following extras. There are PDF scripts and extended extras for ‘Alien Heart’ and ‘Dalek Soul’.

‘Dalek Soul’ rating – 9/10

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2 thoughts on “‘Dalek Soul’ (Audio)

  1. Timelord 007

    Tense, terrifying, scary, Peter Davison is on wicked form as a evil version of the Doctor & his disregard for Nyssa who he treats appallingly was cruel, thankfully we know the twist but i have to admit i thought the Daleks had originally brain washed the Doctor, i like Nyssa using her genius to unleash the virus as it gives the climax a satisfying pay off as well as being somewhat tragic.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this story along with Alien Heart, both are top quality Doctor Who audio dramas & get 9/10 each from myself.

    As ever a brilliant review choc full of depth, detail about the plot, the characters & the performances from the cast, you’ve come a long way from that person i met on Amazon when we did reviews, arhhhhh nostalgia.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Simon.

      Very pleased you enjoyed ‘Dalek Soul’ as well as me. I was very impressed with Sarah Sutton and Peter Davison’s performances in this one. I was wondering what was going on in this adventure and when the twists were revealed and that Peter’s Doctor was the villain controlled by the Daleks and that Sarah’s Nyssa was the heroine was so exciting.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this CD as it’s very good with the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa. Very pleased you enjoyed my review about the plot, the characters and the performances.

      I’m pleased I’ve moved on Amazon and that I’ve been able to create this blog to enjoy writing reviews and entertaining site visitors like yourself. I look forward to new challenges with my blog in 2018.

      Tim. 🙂



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