The Tenth Doctor Adventures – Teaser Clip

Hello everyone! 🙂

I just found this link.

Big Finish have just released this first teaser clip of the new audio adventures with the Tenth Doctor and Donna coming out in May, 2016. This is really exciting!

The clip is taken from ‘The Time Reaver’, one of the three stories in the new volume of audio adventures with the Tenth Doctor. It sounds very good and is a comedy moment between David Tennant as the Doctor and Catherine Tate as Donna at the start of this new adventure.

Here is the link to the audio clip for you to listen to.

If you’ve not heard the clip yet, don’t read the next bit.

If you have heard the clip, I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

So, wrench clothes; planet of the boys. What’s it all about then?

Only one way to find out in ‘The Tenth Doctor Adventures’ which you can purchase from the Big Finish website here.

I’m looking forward to these new audio adventures with the Doctor and Donna. Are you?

Bye for now.

Tim. 🙂

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