Quick DVD review – ‘Sgt. Bilko’ (1996 film)


Hello everyone! 🙂

I’ve seen the second of three birthday presents from my best mate from school, Stephen.

‘Sgt. Bilko’ has been a very enjoyable comedy film starring Steve Martin as the main character. This film was made in 1996 and is based on the 1950s Amercian sitcom series ‘The Phil Silvers Show’ (also known as Sgt. Bilko). I knew what ‘Sgt. Bilko’ was about, having seen the original TV series before this.

I enjoyed this version of ‘Sgt. Bilko’ in movie form. ‘Sgt Bilko’ is about the leader of a group of incompetent soliders who are obsessed with gambling and not doing normal army activities. Some of the stuff in this movie was funny to watch and Steve Martin relishes playing Sgt Bilko in this film.

As I said before, I’d seen the original ‘Sgt. Bilko’ TV series with Phil Silvers as the character. This movie isn’t the same as the original TV series as it’s a contemporary approach to the character in the 1990s. But it’s harmless enough fun and it’s clear that Steve Martin is a fan of the ‘Sgt. Bilko’ TV series.

As well as Steve Martin, there’s also Dan Aykroyd as Colonel Hall and Phil Hartman as Major Thorn. I’ve seen Phil Hartman in films like ‘Jingle All The Way’ and ‘Small Soldiers’ before he sadly died in 1998. It was great to see Phil Hartman in this film and it’s clear that he was also a ‘Sgt. Bilko’ fan too.

I’m not claiming to be an expert of the ‘Sgt. Bilko’ TV series as my Dad was into the original TV series with Phil Silvers. But I remembered some of the characters including the overweight Doberman who was funny. I liked the story of Private Wally from not liking Bilko first before he liked him afterwards.

‘Sgt Bilko’ has been enjoyable comedy film to see. I discovered that this film wasn’t well-received at the box office and by critics. This could be why there was never a sequel to this ‘Sgt Bilko’ movie. It can’t be the classic 1950s TV series, but I enjoyed it with Steve Martin as Bilko and Phil Hartman in it.

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Tim. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Quick DVD review – ‘Sgt. Bilko’ (1996 film)

  1. Timelord007

    Best not compared to the classic tv series, but on it’s own stand alone merits, it got savaged by critics upon release but i think it’s a average comedy not great but not awful either.

    Nice review Tim.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim Bradley Post author

    Thanks for your comments, Simon. I’m glad you enjoyed my review on this ‘Sgt. Bilko’ movie.

    Yes, I had heard this movie got criticised upon release. I didn’t know about this, as I’d only seen the TV sitcom series beforehand and didn’t think much of the movie version. I knew it wouldn’t match to the TV series, but after having seen it recently I enjoyed watching it. It’s a good comedy film to watch and to cheer you up, isn’t it?

    I’ll look forward to revisiting the Phil Silvers ‘Sgt. Bilko’ TV series someday for review.

    Thanks Simon. Tim. 🙂



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