Anton Yelchin – 1989-2016

anton yelchin

Hello everyone.

I’d like to make a little tribute to Anton Yelchin, the actor who played Chekov in the rebooted ‘Star Trek’ film series by J.J. Abrams. I’m saddened that Anton was reported killed by his car at his own house yesterday on Sunday. He died aged 27. This is shocking and sad news for ‘Star Trek’ fans. 😦

Here is a news article on BBC News covering the announcement –

Anton is a Russian actor who starred in the 2011 remake of ‘Fright Night’ with David Tennant and Imogen Poots. Anton has appeared in three ‘Star Trek’ films including the 2009 remake of ‘Star Trek’; ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ and ‘Star Trek Beyond’ which is due for release next month in July 2016.

I’m not a fan of the rebooted ‘Star Trek’ film series, but I’ve enjoyed watching the films on the big screen at the cinemas and Anton Yelchin is very good as Chekov. I don’t like to hear about actors dying at such a young age on the news and it’s so sad that Anton passed away so quickly and in a terrible accident.

I’m hoping I will see ‘Star Trek Beyond’ at the cinemas next month in July 2016 at the cinemas. It’ll be a good way to remember Anton who played Chekov in these ‘Star Trek’ films. I’m pleased that Anton managed to make his appearance as Chekov in ‘Star Trek Beyond’ before he passed away.

My prayers and thoughts go to Anton’s family; friends and all who knew him.

Thanks for reading.

Bye for now.


2 thoughts on “Anton Yelchin – 1989-2016

  1. Timelord007

    Yup it’s such a terrible tragedy, he was great as Chekov in the new Trek films & i liked him in Fright Night with David Tennant.

    So sad to die so young.

    Nice tribute Tim.

    Liked by 1 person


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