‘The Nyssa Challenge’ – Phase 4 Schedule

Hello everyone! 🙂

Three phases of ‘The Nyssa Challenge’ completed; fifty-three weeks in and we’ve now finished all the TV stories of Nyssa in ‘Doctor Who’ from ‘The Keeper of Traken’ to ‘Terminus’! I’m saddened there aren’t anymore TV stories with Nyssa! 😦

But maybe…

We’ve now finished the third phase of ‘The Nyssa Challenge’ with the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan that included four TV stories, some Big Finish audios and some ‘Doctor Who’ books to comprise Season 20a! The phase ended with the TARDIS team now joined by Turlough before Nyssa left the TARDIS with the Doctor and Tegan to stay behind on the space station Terminus. 😦

Thank you again to those who have shared their thoughts on my Nyssa reviews as well as on the actual stories by leaving comments in ‘The Nyssa Challenge’.  We’re now approaching the end of the challenge as we’re nearly onto the older Nyssa story arc with the Fifth Doctor, Tegan, Turlough and older Nyssa.

But before we deal with those Big Finish audios, let’s tackle with a phase of Nyssa’s life that’s not been explored fully. This is a period in the interim between Nyssa leaving the TARDIS in ‘Terminus’ and re-joining the Doctor, Tegan and Turlough in ‘Cobwebs’. It’s a very short phase at the moment, but it’s a very intriguing one!

Next week, I will be starting the fourth phase of ‘The Nyssa Challenge’ which will explore Nyssa’s life after travelling in the TARDIS. There are three stories in the phase. They include the audio story ‘The Five Companions’, the book ‘Asylum’ and the audio story ‘Circular Time: Winter’.

The list below contains the miscellaneous series of adventures with Nyssa which I call ‘Nyssa after ‘Terminus”. These Nyssa stories are in chronological order.

Here’s what’s to come in the fourth phase of ‘The Nyssa Challenge’.

4. Nyssa after ‘Terminus’

  • Week 54 (06/02/17) – ‘The Five Companions’ (Audio)
  • Week 55 (13/02/17) – ‘Asylum’ (Book)
  • Week 56 (20/02/17) – ‘Circular Time: Winter’ (Audio)

Thanks again for your continuing support on ‘The Nyssa Challenge’!

Join me next week for ‘The Five Companions’!

Bye for now!

Tim 🙂

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