Movie Review – ‘Home Alone 3’

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There’s going to be a new ‘Home Alone’ movie coming out on Disney+ sometime in 2021. As I’ve shared my latest detailed reviews on ‘Home Alone’ & ‘Home Alone 2: Lost in New York’, it’s only fair that I share my thoughts on ‘Home Alone 3’, which my parents and I have seen on Disney+ lately.

In previous years, I’ve been lucky to see ‘Home Alone’ and ‘Home Alone 2’ at the cinema in 2017 and 2018. In a strange way, this can be considered a home cinema experience of ‘Home Alone 3’. I never saw it at the cinema when it came out in 1997 and I’ve never seen it on home media such as on DVD.

The reason why I didn’t see the film when it came out at cinemas and on DVD is because Kevin’s not in the film. Yeah, this is where the ‘Home Alone’ films started becoming more ‘Beethoven’-like with the change of characters and not having a lot of connections to the previous films as you’d expect. 😐

‘Home Alone 3’ is written and produced by John Hughes who did the first two ‘Home Alone’ movies, except it’s now directed by Raja Gosnell (not Chris Columbus), who makes his directorial debut after being editor on the first two ‘Home Alone’ films. He would later direct the first two live-action ‘Scooby-Doo’ films.

Instead of Macaulay Culkin playing Kevin in ‘Home Alone 3’, we have Alex D. Linz playing…well, Alex Pruitt, an 8-year old boy who has to defend his home from a dangerous band of international spies working for an infamous terrorist organisation. They want to get a hold of a powerful computer chip.

I must admit, it was amusing to see the ‘Home Alone’ series take on an ‘international spy’ approach, especially with the four international spies being the Harry and Marv characters for a change. I wouldn’t say they were as good as Harry and Marv, but they were pretty entertaining to watch here.

The four spies are Olek Krupa as Peter, Rya Kihlstedt as Alice, Lenny Von Dohlen as Burton and David Thronton as Earl. It’s amusing how the film starts off in Hong Kong before we move into Chicago itself. I don’t think the spies Peter, Alice, Burton and Earl are good considering Alex defeated them. 🙂

Alex D. Linz is also pretty good playing the main prodigy character role in ‘Home Alone 3’. People rate this as one of the worst ‘Home Alone’ movies ever made. It’s certainly not one of the greatest ever made, but I couldn’t help be entertained by it even with the absence of Kevin appearing in it. 🙂

I would’ve liked it if they had more connections to the previous ‘Home Alone’ films to establish a sense of continuity. Alex could’ve been Kevin’s cousin or something. That would’ve made sense. Even ‘Beethoven’s 3rd’ did it right with making a connection to the previous family in the film series.

The film also features Haviland Morris as Karen, Alex’s mother; Kevin Kilner as Jack, Alex’s father, young Scarlett Johansson as Molly, Alex’s sister (Amazing she would play Black Widow in the ‘MCU’. 😀 ) and Seth Smith as Stan, Alex’s brother. There’s also Marian Seldes as elderly neighbour Mrs. Hess. 🙂

There are plenty of comedic moments involving Alex trying to stop the criminals from breaking into houses to try and steal the computer chip. I did find it funny when a dog was told by police to ‘freeze’ in place and it was fun to see Alex’s pet mouse Doris and his brother’s loud-mouthed parrot.

The ‘Home Alone’ traps themselves can be over-the-top and overly precise when the four criminals fall into them to break into Alex’s house. Somehow though, I found them entertaining. Maybe it’s because they’re so ludicrous, I couldn’t help laugh at them. The crooks do get their comeuppance. 🙂

I’m glad I’ve seen ‘Home Alone 3’ at last on Disney+. It’s nice to watch it even in difficult times – please keep safe. I don’t know if I’ll watch the remaining two ‘Home Alone’ movies that were released on DVD. I would like to see the upcoming ‘Home Alone’ movie released in 2021 on Disney+.

Hopefully the upcoming ‘Home Alone’ film will be entertaining and hopefully I’ll get a chance to revisit ‘Home Alone 3’ and review it in full-detail soon. ‘Home Alone 3’ is a film I wasn’t particularly interested in seeing as a young kid, but I’m glad I’ve seen it to appreciate the different direction it was going for. 🙂

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Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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