Sarah Sutton (“Nyssa” in Doctor Who) Wine & Dine Interview 2000


Hello everyone! 🙂

Have you seen this before? Well, here it is for you to enjoy again! 🙂

This was a little treat I added to my ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog back in May 2016 for ‘The Nyssa Challenge’! Here’s an exclusive interview with Sarah Sutton as Nyssa in ‘Doctor Who’ for the ‘Wine & Dine’ interview series on YouTube. I love seeing this interview with Sarah, as she’s lovely to see in it!

This interview was filmed on the 19th of March 2000 and was recorded during the time that ‘Winter For The Adept’ was made. I’ve now added this video to my ‘Winter For The Adept’ review on my blog. I really enjoyed this interview with Sarah, especially as she’s my favourite ‘Doctor Who’ actress!

Please feel free to check out the ‘Wine & Dine’ interview with Sarah below. I suggest that you take a full hour to watch this interview video with Sarah, should you want to watch it in its entirety like me.


Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Sarah Sutton (“Nyssa” in Doctor Who) Wine & Dine Interview 2000

  1. Glad you ain’t on DWO i got into a rather unpleasant debate about the fifth Doctor era being awful with bland companions, all because i said i prefered the classic series & BF compared to the new series I’m trolled.

    I came away because i could feel how angry i was getting inside, give me season 19 anyday over Moffats eras.

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  2. I’m sorry to hear you had that bad experience, Simon.

    I don’t like it when some fans take a narrow view of ‘Doctor Who’ and just stick to what they prefer and not taking anybody else’s views into account.

    I can see where they’re coming from though, since the Fifth Doctor era and 80s ‘Doctor Who’ in general had its faults and focused more on action-adventure rather than character development. But saying that, for all its faults, I love the Fifth Doctor and enjoy seeing/listening to the companions including Nyssa; Tegan; Adric and Turlough.

    I enjoy the classic series; Big Finish audios and the Russell T. Davies era of the show more than I enjoy the latest eras featuring Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi. This is my personal preference, as there are elements of the Steven Moffat era I do enjoy. But I don’t enjoy the latest new series stuff as much as I do the RTD eras or the classic Doctors.

    I’m interested to finding out what the Chris Chibnall era of ‘Doctor Who’ will be like. I hope it’s good, as I enjoyed the episodes of Series 7 by Chibnall with Eleven, Amy and Rory.

    Thanks for your comments, Simon.

    Tim. 🙂


  3. Yeah they were ranting on how rubbish Nyssa, Tegan, Adric, Turlough were so i said had they heard the character development in the Big Finish audios, basically that doesn’t count i was told, well it does because Big Finish is canon Doctor Who.

    They didn’t even know Nyssa had a son or her sacrifice in The Entropy Plague, shows just how ignorant these fan boys can be doesn’t it.

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