Quick ‘Mandalorian’ Review – ‘Chapter 14: The Tragedy’

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley!

Lately, I’ve been revisiting ‘Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope’, the movie that started the whole ‘Star Wars’ franchise off back in 1977. I’ve also finished ‘Heir to the Empire’ as an e-book and have started reading the second book of the original Thrawn trilogy ‘Dark Forces Rising’ by Timothy Zahn.

Also recently, I’ve seen ‘Chapter 14: The Tragedy’ in Season 2 of ‘The Mandalorian’. People have been raving about this episode recently, saying many positive things about it. And I agree with them. This latest ‘Mandalorian’ episode has been very enjoyable. It does leave you wanting for more here.

The episode is penned by Jon Favreau this time and it’s directed by Robert Rodrigeuz. Yes! That Robert Rodrigeuz! For me, he directed the ‘Spy Kids’ movies. For some of you, he directed ‘Desperado’, the ‘Sin City’ movies and his latest film ‘We Can Be Heroes’ will be on Netflix in 2021. 😐

It’s amazing to find him directing a ‘Mandalorian’ episode compared to what I’ve seen in his directing, writing and producing for the ‘Spy Kids’ films. I wonder how it was working behind-the-scenes between Robert Rodrigeuz and Jon Favreau. I hope the two of them got on very well here. 😀

In the episode, the Mandalorian takes Baby Yoda…or Grogu (I’m still not over him being called that nowadays. I prefer to call him Baby Yoda) to the planet Tython. There, they find the ancient Jedi temple on top of a mountain. Mando places Baby Yoda at the centre of the temple on some big rock.

Baby Yoda has to choose his path in whether a Jedi Master will come looking for him. He starts meditating and a protective Force field surrounds him. Mando soon sees people arriving and he eventually meets up with Temuera Morrison…as Boba Fett. I wonder when he’d come back again. 🙂

Yes! That man at the end of ‘Chapter 9: The Marshal’ was indeed Boba Fett, the bounty hunter who appeared in the original ‘Star Wars’ trilogy. It was interesting to see what Boba Fett looked like without his helmet, appearing bald-like and all that. Age hasn’t done well for Boba over the years. 😀

Boba’s not alone. He’s joined by Ming-Na Wen as Fennec Shand. If you don’t recall her, Fennec was in the episode ‘Chapter 5: The Gunslinger’ in Season 1 where Mando saved her life on Tatooine. It did come back to me when I was watching the episode, though I will have to revisit Season 1 again. 🙂

When Mando confronts him, Boba demands the return on his Mandalorian armour which Mando took at the end of ‘The Marshal’ episode. The confrontation is tense, but Mando soon agrees to trade the amour for the safety of Baby Yoda. It goes pear-shaped when two imperial shuttles arrive.

These shuttles have Stormtroopers charging out in the attempt to capture Baby Yoda from the ruined temple. Boba, Fennec and Mando join forces in order to hold off the Stormtroopers from getting at Baby Yoda. It’s an intense fight sequence and one that’s very impressive in terms of action.

I did wonder if we were ever going to see Boba back in his battle armour from the ‘Star Wars’ movies, although he does fight well without his armour for a bit. Eventually, we see him back in his armour and he’s pretty amazing. I wonder if Jeremy Bulloch could fight well as Temeura Morrison. 😀

Despite our heroes fighting off the Stormtroopers, Giancarlo Esposito as Moff Gideon sends in four robotic Dark Troopers to kidnap Baby Yoda after he’s finished his mediating. Gideon also has Mando’s ship the Razor Crest destroyed. I was so shocked to see that whilst watching the episode. 😮

Things do seem grim with Baby Yoda now taken by the remnants of the Empire. But Boba and Fennec agree to help Mando with rescuing Baby Yoda in order to honour their debt. Mando also seeks help from Gina Carano as Cara Dune who is now Marshal of her own planet. Will she assist? 😐

Will Mando also rescue Baby Yoda in the end? I hope so, considering we’ve got two episodes of Season 2 left. Overall, ‘Chapter 14: The Tragedy’ is a very good episode in the series. It’s well-written by Jon Faverau; well-directed by Robert Rodrigeuz and it features an amazing return of Boba Fett. 😀

I’m looking forward to what happens next in the series!

Stay tuned for my review on ‘Chapter 15’ in ‘The Mandalorian’ next week.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂


Chapter 7

In a darkened room at ‘Bradley’s Basement’ headquarters, Whiskeybrewer’s TARDIS materialises, whooshing and groaning as it arrives. The TARDIS lands with a loud thump. Once landed, the TARDIS doors open and out steps Tim and Whiskeybrewer. They look around to find the place darkened.

Tim: “Lights on please!”

With that, the lights switch on. Tim and Whiskeybrewer can see where they are.

Tim: (relieved) “Thank goodness the computer controls respond to my voice commands.”

Whiskeybrewer: “I didn’t know you could switch on the lights at your command. You must give me the secret of where you get your technology from.”

Tim: “It’s often Google Assistant that comes into it. Figure it out.” (Pause) “Are you sure Baby Yoda…?”

Whiskeybrewer: (interrupts) “You mean Grogu…”

Tim: (snaps) “Baby Yoda!” (calmly) “Are you sure Baby Yoda is safe inside your TARDIS?”

Whiskeybrewer: “Of course he is. As safe as houses!”

Tim: “Are you sure? Have you locked the door?”

Whiskeybrewer sighs and takes out a remote key and points it at his TARDIS. The door locks and the light flashes as it beeps.

Whiskeybrewer: “See? It’s locked. Happy now?”

Tim: “Yeah well, I don’t want anyone going inside your TARDIS and kidnapping Baby Yoda whilst we’re out. He could get easily captured like in the latest episode of ‘The Mandalorian’ we’ve seen.”

Tim and Whiskeybrewer walk on a bit further to explore the room they’re in.

Whiskeybrewer: “Yeah so, does this storyline we’re doing take place after ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 or during it? We haven’t seen the last two episodes yet. We don’t even know if Grogu…I mean, Baby Yoda is still alive by the end of the season.”

Tim: “We’re making this up as we go along.”

Whiskeybrewer: “You mean you’re making this up as we go along.”

Tim: “I know what I said. Don’t worry. It’ll work out fine in the end. It usually does when it comes to these sorts of storylines we do.”

Whiskeybrewer: “Have you done that many storylines to know that?”

Tim: “Not really. But I’d like to think ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 will have a happy ending. If it doesn’t…well…”

Whiskeybrewer: “Well…?”

Tim: (hesitates) “I told you, don’t worry about it! It’ll all work out fine in the end. I promise you.”

Whiskeybrewer: “This is all so very complicated for me.”

Tim: “Come on! Let’s see what’s behind this door here. We may find Wolfie, Timelord007 and the Mandalorian behind the door if we’re lucky.”

Approaching the door he’s found, Tim presses a button on an electronic keypad to open it.

Tim: “Yeah, I got electronic sliding doors from ‘Star Trek’ in my ‘BB’ headquarters too.”

Eventually, the sliding door opens. Tim reacts in shock to what he sees inside the cupboard.

Tim: “What?! No! Wolfie?!”

Tim sees Wolfie inside the cupboard. But he’s frozen. Really frozen.

Tim: “He’s frozen inside carbonite! Like Han Solo was in ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. And that blue alien guy in the first ‘Mandalorian’ episode. How did this happen? Who would freeze Wolfie inside carbonite like this?”

Whiskeybrewer: “I know who froze him, Tim.”

Tim turns round to face Whiskeybrewer.

Tim: “Really? You know who froze Wolfie in carbonite?”

Whiskeybrewer: “Yes. And I’m very sorry I have to do this.”

Tim: “Sorry? What do you mean ‘sorry’? Why are you saying that…?”

Whiskeybrewer pulls out his Thor hammer and knocks Tim on the head with it. Tim reacts startled and dazed from the hit Whiskeybrewer made on his head with his Thor hammer.

Tim: (startled; dazed) “Why…why did you…hit me?”

Tim groans as he collapses to the floor unconscious. Whiskeybrewer looks down at Tim, regretful and guilty. He speaks into a communicator, switching it on.

Whiskeybrewer: (into communicator) “I have him. He’s unconscious. I’ll be bringing him down to you immediately.”

Whiskeybrewer switches off his communicator, before he’s about to take Tim downstairs.


An hour later, Tim has been placed inside a cubicle ready to be frozen in carbonite. The Mandalorian and Timelord007 are also put in cubicles ready to be frozen in carbonite. The carbonated Wolfie is nearby. Whiskeybrewer watches them, disgusted by his actions.

Timelord007: (angrily) “When I get free, you’ll feel the wrath of Chinlord!”

Whiskeybrewer: “I’m sorry I had to do this, Timelord. I really am! But I had no choice!”

Tim groans as he slowly wakes up and recovers.

Mandalorian: “Look! He’s coming round! He’s still with us.”

Tim gradually opens his eyes, focuses and sees his surroundings.

Tim: (disorientated) “Ow! What…what hit me?”

Timelord007: (concerned) “Tim old chum, are you okay? Or do you need the anti-bat cures bumps hit by Thor’s hammer spray?”

Tim: (gradually; confused) “Timelord? Mando?” (Pause; remembers) “Whiskeybrewer! You…you knocked me on the head. With your Thor hammer! Just like you did to me in our ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ review.”

Whiskeybrewer: “Yes. I’m sorry, Tim. I didn’t want to do that. I hope I haven’t injured you too severely.”

Timelord007: “He’ll probably never write again, which means this story will not get concluded and we’ll all be trapped in limbo throughout eternity.”

Mandalorian: “This has gone on long enough. Who are you working for? Who’s paying you to do this? To carbonate Wolfie and capture us three ready for carbonation?”

Whiskeybrewer: “He threatened my life if I didn’t agree to help him. Believe me, he was pretty intimidating and persuasive. He wouldn’t let me question him why he wanted me to do this. I had to do this in order to save my own skin.”

Timelord007: “He’s been drinking the profits again! See? This what happens when you work behind a bar.”

Tim: (confused) “Save your own skin? Whiskey, what do you mean?”

Just then, footsteps echo coming downstairs.

Whiskeybrewer: “He’s coming!”

Mandalorian: “Who’s coming? Is he an enemy of ours?”

Whiskeybrewer: “Please don’t say anything to upset him. He’ll go livid if you go against his word.”

Tim: (puzzled) “His word? Who are you talking about…?”

Evil voice: (interjects) “It’s so ironic, isn’t it? That the person who wanted to kidnap Tim and his friends as well as the Mandalorian…happens to be the same person as Tim! But then again, I’m always one step ahead of you, Tim. Ahead of everyone else! I know exactly what to expect! And now, everyone who has defied my will…everyone who declares sacrilege and speaks unholy about what my opinion is… Well, that will all change. I will force my opinions onto everyone. Having drained the knowledge and life-force from you about your blog for the past nine months, I will be able to change and revolutionise everything that’s been going on with ‘Bradley’s Basement’. And there’s no way any of you can stop me! You will all be frozen in carbonite, preventing you from interfering with my plans!”

The evil person enters the room. He stands beside Whiskeybrewer, looking at the Mandalorian, Timelord007 and Tim who are now his prisoners. Timelord007 is shocked to see who it is. Tim is grim.

Timelord007: (shocked) “You! It can’t be you! It can’t be!”

Mirror Tim: (taunts) “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the smartest Tim of us all?!”

Mirror Tim lets out an evil maniacal laugh whilst everyone is silent in the room. The Mirror Universe theme music from the ‘Star Trek’ episode ‘Mirror, Mirror’ plays in the background.



2 thoughts on “Quick ‘Mandalorian’ Review – ‘Chapter 14: The Tragedy’

  1. Timelord 007

    Loved ths episode, isn’t it ironic Boba Fett kicks butt more in a 28 minute episode than Empire & ROTJ now we finally see why he’s one of the galaxies most feared bounty hunters, i had goosebumps when he used his weapons.

    Glad were finally getting a story arc built up be interesting see were this heading, lot rumours saying Mace Windu be one comes train Grogu we shall see.

    Evil Tim, mirror universe’s getting very Star Trek Mirror Mirror lol i be having a goatee next like Spock lol.

    Excellent review Tim glad you enjoyed this episode, see when you get right people behind the scenes Star Wars can be magical, I’ll never ever have Ep 7,8,9 in my collection to me there a alternative universe i absolutely loathe & detest them & Disney know they got get Star Wars back on track which the series is doing magnificently.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Simon.

      Glad you enjoyed my review and very pleased this episode pleased you.

      Boba Fett does get to shine more in this ‘Mandalorian’ episode compared to the ‘Star Wars’ movies he’s in. I’m pleased he had his moments to shine, especially when fighting the Stormtroopers.

      Now that’s interesting. I wonder if it will be Samuel L. Jackson returning as Mace Windu to train Grogu/Baby Yoda. It’d make sense considering Jon Faverau has worked with Samuel L. Jackson in the ‘MCU’ movies. If it’s true through, how did he manage to survive Palpatine’s attack in ‘Revenge of the Sith’?

      Hmm. What could evil Mirror Tim want to torment original Tim, Timelord007, Mandalorian and Wolfie for? And how come Whiskeybrewer’s working for him and betrayed his friends? It’s most disturbing! 😀

      It’s a shame about the sequels trilogy of ‘Star Wars’ as they could’ve been good movies with what seemed to be a relatively strong start in ‘The Force Awakens’. If they had planned the trilogy out properly with an agenda on how it was going to end, it could’ve been a great set of movies. In the end, they’re pretty underwhelming. I am enjoying the original Thrawn trilogy of ‘Star Wars’ books by the way. I believe I’m on Chapter 9 of ‘Dark Force Rising’ by Timothy Zahn.

      Thanks for your comments, Simon.

      Tim. 🙂



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