Blu-ray Review – ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley!

And welcome back everyone to the ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe Film Review Season’!

Don’t worry, I won’t go over-the-top and mad like I did the last time with introducing the review for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. Mind you, I don’t feel quite so happy since I’m stuck in the Divergent Universe and many of you are probably still stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic – please keep safe. Timelord007 is still out there in space whilst Wolfie and Whiskeybrewer have vanished. 😦

Looking back though, I do have fond memories of watching ‘Avengers: Endgame’ for my birthday in May 2019. I had a lovely time celebrating my birthday back then. I had a meal at a Frankie & Benny’s restaurant and I saw ‘Avengers: Endgame’ at Showcase Cinemas in Nantgarw. Sadly, no convention that time round after seeing the film! I still had some really nice gifts from friends and family though.

The highlight birthday present for me that day was a photo of Nyssa in ‘The Keeper of Traken’ from ‘Doctor Who’ signed by Sarah Sutton. It was really nice of Sarah to sign that photo for me on my birthday and it was nice my parents acquired the photo from her at the ‘Film & Comic Con Cardiff’, March 2019. Looking back, they were brilliant times. I still miss seeing Sarah at conventions.

Tim looks at his photo of Nyssa in ‘The Keeper of Traken’ signed with “Happy Birthday” on it by Sarah Sutton. Tim looks forlornly at the photo.

Just then, a TARDIS materialises nearby. Tim looks and stands up to see the TARDIS appear.

Hey look! A TARDIS coming back! (realises) It’s Timelord007! He must’ve found help! Oh I hope he hasn’t got bad news instead of that.

The TARDIS whooshes and grinds, making a loud thump as it lands. Eventually, the TARDIS doors open and out steps Timelord007.


Timelord007: “Tim, is that really you?”

(relieved) Thank goodness you’re back! I began to wonder whether you’d return!

Timelord007: “Err, well, you’ll wish I’d gone again when you discover who I found to help us.”

(surprised) Really? Who have you found…?

Just then, Tim sees someone else stepping out of the TARDIS behind Timelord007. Tim is shocked and aghast by who it is.


Deadpool: “Hello Timmy boy! Come and give your Uncle Wade a nice big hug!”

No! No, no, no! NO!!! Go away, Deadpool! Get out of here right now! You’re not welcome!

Deadpool: “Why? I washed today and this is a clean Covid-19-free suit!”

Timelord, get rid of Deadpool this instant!

Timelord007: “Well, err, um, he did help me get back here in my TARDIS.”

Seriously, Timelord?! Deadpool is the help you’ve brought with you after two weeks of searching out into space! You can’t be serious!

Timelord007: “Listen, I was lost! Stranded! Alone wandering the fourth dimension; looking for help; and then Deadpool appeared! Beggars can’t be choosers, Tim! We’re still in lockdown!”

What possible help can Deadpool be to us when we’ve lost two of our reviewers from the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ review! He’s an utter nutcase!!!

Deadpool: “I’m not a nutcase! I loathe that disrespectful comment! Eccentric assassin, yes! Super-cool wild man, yes! But nutcase? Oh Timmy, that hurts!”

You’re a scumbag, Deadpool! A scumbag who likes to infect the world…heck, the universe with your foul mouth! You’re not turning me to the Dark Side, Deadpool! Not ever!

Deadpool: (to Timelord007) “Sarah Sutton missed his birthday this year, didn’t she?”

Timelord007: “Yup! And he’s been looking at that ‘Keeper of Traken’ photo of Nyssa ever since I last left him here on this rock in space. It’s so sad.” (Pause) “Anyway, back on topic.” (to Tim) “Deadpool knows how Wolfie and Whiskeybrewer got erased, Tim.”

(surprised) Really? Deadpool knows how Wolfie and Whiskeybrewer got erased from existence?

Timelord007: “He has a super-duper theory! Honest!”

Alright then! I’ll be open-minded. (to Deadpool) Go ahead, Deadpool. Tell us what you know. How did Wolfie and Whiskeybrewer get turned into dust at the end of our ‘Infinity War’ review?

Deadpool: “Thanos!”

(puzzled) Thanos? (Pause) You mean there’s a version of Thanos in the Divergent Universe who can wipe out half of it? Just like he did in ‘Infinity War’?

Deadpool: “Yes! But this Thanos was once known as Francis! He travelled back in time to become Thanos!”

Timelord007: (groans) “Oh God! Not his Francis theory again!”

(sighs; quietly; to Timelord007) There’s no way to reason with him on the Francis thing, is there? (to Deadpool) Okay, well, how do we fix this, Deadpool? How do we get Wolfie and Whiskeybrewer back into our reality and stop the DU version of Thanos wiping out half of this universe?

Deadpool:  “Gotta get back in time!” ♫ (normal voice) “Don’t suppose you have a Delorean parked in your garage?” (Pause) “Otherwise, I’ll just use Cable’s time-travelling device from ‘Deadpool 2’.”

So wait, you can transport back in time and get the Infinity Stones before Thanos gets them for his Infinity Gauntlet? (sighs) This is going to end up like a ‘Back to the Future’ or a Steven Moffat timey-wimey scenario as in ‘Endgame’, isn’t it?

Timelord007: “I’m hoping more ‘Back to the Future’. I understood ‘Back to the Future’!”

Deadpool hits Tim on the head with the butt of his pistol whilst Tim reacts in pain.

Deadpool: (mimics Biff) “Hello! Hello! Anybody home? Think McFly, think!” (normal voice) “I will travel ‘back to the future’ and save our two friends!”

(annoyed) Alright Deadpool, alright! We’ll do it your way. You go back in time and sort out everything with Thanos and with getting Wolfie and Whiskeybrewer back. Timelord and I will do the ‘Avengers: Endgame’ review whilst you’re gone.

Deadpool: “Tim, I love you!”

Just make sure you do your thing properly! Don’t leave any unresolved plot-holes untouched!

Deadpool: “Tim, I find your lack of faith disturbing! It’s me! Deadpool! What could I possibly change?”

Timelord007: (interjects) “Err, you could make one slight small change.” (whispers; to Deadpool) “Make sure Disney never gets the rights to make those atrocious ‘Star Wars’ films.”

Deadpool: (whispers) “Gotcha!”

Okay fine, Deadpool! Off you go now, get lost!

Deadpool: “I’m off to save mankind from ultimate doom! I will change…” (clears throat) “…I mean, I will save the universe as we know it!”

Timelord007: “And remember! Don’t let Disney get their grubby little paws on ‘Star Wars’!”

Deadpool: “Okay!”

Deadpool winks and with that, he’s gone, using Cable’s time-travel device from ‘Deadpool 2’ to vanish. Once Deadpool is gone, Tim and Timelord007 are alone on the rock in space they’re on.

(shrugs) Well, I suppose we’d better get on with the ‘Endgame’ review. Shall we, Timelord?

Timelord007: “Yes! Let us do that!”

With that, Tim and Timelord007 sit on the black sofa before they watch and review the movie.

(realises) Oh! Fancy a cup of tea and some biscuits whilst we watch the movie?

Timelord007: “That would be lovely!”

(calls) D22! D22, are you about?

At that moment, D22 the robot appears.

D22: “Can I be of assistance, Master Bradley?”

Yes! Fetch me and Timelord two cups of tea will you? With milk and sugar options, of course. Oh and can you fetch us some biscuits please?

D22: “Jammy dodgers, sir?”

That would be splendid! Thank you, D22.

D22: “Very good, sir. I’ll fetch your teas and your jammy dodgers straight away.”

With that, D22 leaves. Tim is pleased before looking at Timelord007 who has a baffled look on his face.

Oh! I managed to get D22 as my home assistant with the Season 14 Blu-ray box set of ‘Doctor Who’ I got, using the imaginary super-deal. It’s very good. I’m glad to have D22 around.

Timelord007: (shrewdly) “It’s a piece of junk!”

Na! Having a robot home assistant like D22 is great! I’m lucky to have him come along and join me in the Divergent Universe whilst you’ve been away.

Timelord007: “You haven’t seen the ‘Terminator’ movies, have you? Robots become technology-advanced A.I. and they can kill the entire human race. The survivors call it ‘judgement day’!”

(clears throat; to audience) Anyway, please feel free to check out, read and comment on our review for ‘Avengers: Endgame’ here.


Stay tuned for my review on the next film in the ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’ film series, ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’, coming soon.

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂


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