The Tenth Doctor’s Timeline

11. Ten

Here is ‘The Tenth Doctor’s Timeline’.

I’ve referred to


to help me put this version of the timeline together.

I’ve included all the TV stories, audios; books; graphic novel/comics and the Puffin e-book ‘The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage’ into this list for now.

The (TV) and (Audio) stories are highlighted in BOLD and MAROON.

The (Book) stories are to remain un-highlighted for now.

The short stories are highlighted in MAROON and/or ITALICS; and are CENTRED.

Regarding the (Book) stories, I’ve identified each of them as follows in the KEY below.

*NSA – New Series Adventures
*BB – BBC Books
*QR – Quick Reads
*DSL – The Darksmith Legacy

Regarding the (Audio) stories, I’ve identified each of them as follows in the KEY below.

**BAB – BBC Audio Book
**BFAD – Big Finish Audio Drama
**BFAB – Big Finish Audio Book
**PAB – Puffin Audio Book

Please feel free to ask questions about this timeline, as I intend to revisit this and add new stories to the list as time goes on.

I’ve divided the timeline into 13 phases
1. The Tenth Doctor with Rose (Series 2)
2. The Tenth Doctor meets Donna (Series 3)
3. The Tenth Doctor Alone (1) (Series 3)
4. The Tenth Doctor with Martha (Series 3)
5. The Tenth Doctor Alone (2) (Series 4)
6. The Tenth Doctor with Donna (Series 4)
7. The Tenth Doctor with Majenta (The Specials)
8. The Tenth Doctor Alone (3) (The Specials)
9. The Tenth Doctor with Emily and Matthew (The Specials)
10. The Tenth Doctor Alone (4) (The Specials)
11. The Tenth Doctor with Gabby and Cindy (The Specials)
12. The Tenth Doctor with Heather and Wolfie (The Specials)
13. The Tenth Doctor Alone (5) (The Specials)

1. The Tenth Doctor with Rose (Series 2)

The Tenth Doctor’s introduction in ‘The Parting of the Ways’ (TV) takes place before ‘Children In Need’ (Born Again)’ (TV).
‘Children In Need (Born Again)’ (TV) takes place before ‘The Christmas Invasion’ (TV).

1. The Christmas Invasion (TV)

‘Attack of the Graske’ (BBCi) takes place here.

2. New Earth (TV)
3. The Betrothal of Sontar (Graphic Novel)

1. The Betrothal of Sontar
2. The Lodger
3. F.A.Q.
4. The Futurists
5. Interstellar Overdrive
6. Opera of Doom!
7. The Green-Eyed Monster
8. The Warkeeper’s Crown

‘Which Switch?’ (DWA Comic)
‘Mirror Image’ (DWA Comic)
‘Under the Volcano’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Germ War’ (DWA Comic)
‘Warfreekz!’ (DWA Comic)

4. Tooth and Claw (TV)
5. The Stone Rose (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**
6. The Feast of the Drowned (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**
7. The Resurrection Casket (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**
8. I Am a Dalek (Book) – QR*
9. School Reunion (TV)
10. The Girl In The Fireplace (TV)
11. Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel (TV)

‘A Delicate Operation’ (DWA Comic)
‘Blood and Tears’ (DWA Comic)
‘Fried Death’ (DWA Comic)
‘Bizarre Zero’ (DWA Comic)
‘Save the Humans’ (DWA Comic)

12. The Idiot’s Lantern (TV)

‘Cuckoo-Spit’ (Storybook)
‘The Cat Came Back’ (Storybook)
‘Opera of Doom!’ (Storybook Comic)
‘The Hero Factor’ (DW Files)
‘Stamp of Approval’ (DW Files)
‘No Fun at the Fair’ (DW Files)

13. Infamy of the Zaross (Audio) – BFAD**
14. Sword of the Chevalier (Audio) – BFAD**
15. Cold Vengeance (Audio) – BFAD**
16. The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit (TV)

‘Down the Rabbit Hole (Annual Comic)
‘Bat Attack!’/’The Battle of Reading Gaol’ (DWA Comic)
‘Triskaidekaphobia’ (DWA Comic)
‘Smart Bombs’ (DWA Comic)
‘Pinball Wizard’ (DWA Comic)

17. The Nightmare of Black Island (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**
18. The Art of Destruction (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**
19. The Price of Paradise (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**

‘Gangster’s Paradise’/’Heads You Lose’ (DWA Comic)
‘A Date to Remember’/’Snow Fakes’ (DWA Comic)

20. Love and Monsters (TV)
21. Fear Her (TV)

‘Gravestone House’ (Storybook)
‘Untitled’ (Storybook)
‘No One Died’ (Storybook)

22. Army of Ghosts/Doomsday (TV)

2. The Tenth Doctor meets Donna (Series 3)

23. The Runaway Bride (TV)

3. The Tenth Doctor Alone (1) (Series 3)

‘The Hunters’/’Cliffhanger’ (DWA Comic)
‘Once Upon a Time’ (Storybook)
‘Corner of the Eye’ (Storybook)
’13 O’Clock’ (DWA Comic)
‘Green Fingers’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Snag Finders’ (DWA Comic)
‘Cats and Dogs’ (Storybook)

4. The Tenth Doctor with Martha (Series 3)

24. Smith and Jones (TV)
25. The Shakespeare Code (TV)
26. Gridlock (TV)

‘Quiet on the Set’ from ‘Prisoners of Time’ (Graphic Novel) occurs here.
The Tenth Doctor’s cameo in ‘Facades’ from ‘Prisoners of Time’ (Graphic Novel) takes place at the end of ‘Quiet on the Set’ from ‘Prisoners of Time’ (Graphic Novel).
‘Endgame’ from ‘Prisoners of Time’ (Graphic Novel) takes place here.
‘Rewriting History’ (Scientific Secrets)

27. Made of Steel (Book) – QR*
28. Daleks In Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks (TV)
29. The Lazarus Experiment (TV)
30. 42 (TV)
31. The Infinite Quest (TV)
32. The Widow’s Curse (1) (Graphic Novel)

1. The Woman Who Sold the World
2. Bus Stop
3. The First
4. Sunscreen
5. Death to the Doctor!
6. Universal Monsters

33. The Whispering Gallery (Comic)
34. Sting of the Zygons (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**
35. The Last Dodo (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**
36. Wooden Heart (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**

‘The Skrawn Inheritance’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Green, the Bad and the Ugly’ (DWA Comic)
‘Minus Seven Wonders’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Last Soldier’ (DWA Comic)
‘Signs of Life’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Body Bank’ (Storybook)
‘The Box Under the Tree’ (Storybook)
‘Zombie Motel’ (Storybook)
‘Sun Screen’ (Storybook Comic)
‘The Iron Circle’ (Storybook)
‘Kiss of Life’ (Storybook)
‘Deep Water’ (Storybook)

37. Forever Autumn (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**
38. Sick Building (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**
39. Human Nature/The Family of Blood (TV)
40. Blink (TV)
41. Wetworld (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**

‘The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage’ (Puffin/Audio) – PAB**
‘Myth Maker’ (Annual Comic)
‘The Planet That Wept’ (Annual)
‘Swarm Enemies’ (Annual Comic)
‘Shipwreck!’ (DWA Comic)
‘Cold War’ (DWA Comic)
‘Needle Point’ (DW File)
‘The Secret of the Stones’ (DW File)
‘Waste Not’ (DWA Comic)

42. Wishing Well (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**
43. The Pirate Loop (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**
44. Peacemaker (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**
45. Agent Provocateur (IDW Mini-Series)
46. Revenge of the Judoon (Book) – QR*

‘A Klytode Christmas’ (DWA Comic)

47. Martha in the Mirror (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**
48. SnowGlobe7 (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**
49. The Many Hands (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**
50. Black Death White Life (Comic)
51. Utopia/The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords (TV)

52. ‘The Story of Martha’ (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB** takes place in-between ‘The Sound of Drums’ (TV) and ‘Last of the Time Lords’ (TV).

5. The Tenth Doctor Alone (2) (Series 4)

‘Time Crash’ (TV)

53. Voyage of the Damned (TV)

‘Loose Wire’ (Penguin/Audio) – PAB**
‘The Monster Upstairs’ (DWA Comic)
‘Hot Metal’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Halls of Sacrifice’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Old Kings of Skarab’ (DWA Comic)
‘Reign of the Stone Monkey’ (DWA Comic)
‘Every Dog Has Its Day’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Poison Planet’ (DWA Comic)
‘Sea-Rah’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Great Mordillo’ (DWA Comic)

6. The Tenth Doctor with Donna (Series 4)

54. Partners In Crime (TV)
55. The Fires of Pompeii (TV)
56. Planet of the Ood (TV)

‘Nightmare on the Boulevard’ (DWA Comic)
‘Windswept’ (DWA Comic)
‘Cold’ (Storybook)
‘The Continuity Cap’ (DWA Comic)

57. The Sontaran Experiment/The Poison Sky (TV)
58. The Doctor’s Daughter (TV)
59. The Unicorn and the Wasp (TV)
60. Pest Control (Audio) – BAB**
61. The Forever Trap (Audio) – BAB**
62. The Nemonite Invasion (Audio) – BAB**
63. Death’s Deal (DOTD) (Audio) – BFAB**
64. Technophobia (Audio) – BFAD**
65. Time Reaver (Audio) – BFAD**
66. Death and the Queen (Audio) – BFAD**

‘Wormhole’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Black Hole Gang’ (DWA Comic)
‘CitiZen’s Arrest’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Lavender Hill Blob’ (DWA Comic)
‘Shark Bait’ (DWA Comic)
‘Disappearing Act’ (DW File)
‘The Greatest Mall in the Universe’ (Annual Comic)
‘Once upon a Time…’ (Annual)
‘The Time Sickness’ (Annual Comic)
‘Most Beautiful Music’ (Annual)
‘Death Disco’ (Annual Comic)
‘Attack of the Mange Mites’ (DWA Comic)

67. Autopia (Comic)
68. Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead (TV)

The Tenth Doctor’s appearance in ‘The Name of the Doctor’ (TV)’ takes place during ‘Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead’ (TV).
‘Hello Children, Everywhere’ (Storybook)
‘Grand Theft Planet!’ (Storybook)
‘The Immortal Emperor’ (Storybook Comic)
‘Bing Bong’ (Storybook)
‘Island of the Sirens’ (Storybook)
‘Hold Your Horses’ (Storybook)

69. Ghosts of India (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**
70. The Doctor Trap (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**
71. Shinning Darkness (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**
72. Beautiful Chaos (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**

‘By Order of the Bonemenders’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Alice in Wonderland Circuit’ (DWA Comic)
‘Washed Away!’ (DWA Comic)
‘Titanoleum Tourists’ (DWA Comic)

73. Midnight (TV)
74. In The Blood (Book) – BB*

‘The Man in the Moon’ (DWA Comic)
‘Time Flies’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Giant’s Ring’ (DWA Comic)
‘Frosty the Snowdemon’ (DWA Comic)

75. Cold-Blooded War! (Comic)
76. The Widow’s Curse (2) (Graphic Novel)

7. The Widow’s Curse
8. The Immortal Emperor
9. The Time of My Life

77. Turn Left (TV)
78. The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End (TV)

‘Music of the Spheres’ (BBC Proms)

79. The Forgotten (Comic)

The epilogue scene of ‘The Time of My Life’ from ‘The Widow’s Curse’ (2) (Graphic Novel) takes place after ‘Journey’s End’ (TV).

7. The Tenth Doctor with Majenta (The Specials)

80. The Crimson Hand (Graphic Novel)

1. Hotel Historia
2. Space Vikings!
3. Thinktwice
4. The Stockbridge Child
5. Mortal Beloved
6. The Age of Ice
7. The Deep Hereafter
8. Onomatopoeia
9. Ghosts of the Northern Line
10. The Crimson Hand

8. The Tenth Doctor Alone (3) (The Specials)

‘The Puplet’ (Storybook)

81. The Eyeless (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**
82. The Rising Night (Audio) – BAB**
83. The Next Doctor (TV)

‘Hounded’ (TCY) (Audio) – BFAB** takes place here.

84. Ground Control (Comic)
85. The Sontaran Games (Book) – QR*
86. The Dust of Ages (Book) – DSL*
87. The Graves of Mordane (Book) – DSL*
88. The Colour of Darkness (Book) – DSL*
89. The Depths of Despair (Book) – DSL*
90. The Vampire of Paris (Book) – DSL*
91. The Game of Death (Book) – DSL*
92. The Planet of Oblivion (Book) – DSL*
93. The Pictures of Emptiness (Book) – DSL*
94. The Art of War (Book) – DSL*
95. The End of Time (Book) – DSL*
96. The Big, Blue Box (Comic)
97. Judgement of the Judoon (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**
98. The Slitheen Excursion (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**
99. Prisoner of the Daleks (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**
100. Planet of the Dead (TV)

‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ (Storybook)
‘The End of the Rainbow’ (Storybook)

101. Room with a Déjà View (Comic)
102. The Taking of Chelsea 426 (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**

‘The Bog Warrior’ (TT)

103. Autonomy (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**

‘The Vortex Code’ (Annual Comic)
‘Health & Safety’ (Annual Comic)
‘Scared Stiff’ (Storybook)
‘Bennelong Point’ (Storybook)
‘The Shape on the Chair’ (Storybook)
‘Knock Knock!’ (Storybook)
‘The Haldenmor Fugue’ (Storybook)

104. The Krillitane Storm (Book/Audio) – NSA*+BAB**
105. The Day of the Troll (Audio) – BAB**

The Tenth Doctor’s appearance in ‘The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith’ (SJA) (TV) takes place here.

9. The Tenth Doctor with Emily and Matthew (The Specials)

106. Silver Scream (Comic)
107. Fugitive (Comic)
108. Tessaract (Comic)
109. Don’t Step on the Grass (Comic)
110. Old Friend (Comic)
111. Final Sacrifice (Comic)

10. The Tenth Doctor Alone (4) (The Specials)

112. The Waters of Mars (TV)
113. The Time Machination (Comic)
114. Dreamland (TV)
115. Code of the Krillitanes (Book) – QR*
116. The Last Voyage (Audio) – BAB**
117. Dead Air (Audio) – BAB**

11. The Tenth Doctor with Gabby and Cindy (The Specials)

118. Revolutions of Terror (Comic)
119. The Arts in Space (Comic)
120. The Weeping Angels of Mons (Comic)
121. Laundro-Room of Doom (Comic)
122. Echo (Comic)
123. The Fountains of Forever/Spiral Staircase/Sins of the Father (Comic)

The Tenth Doctor and Gabby’s appearance in ‘Four Doctors’ (Graphic Novel) takes place here.

124. The Singer Not the Song (Comic)
125. Cindy, Cleo, and the Magic Sketchbook (Comic)
126. Medicine Man (Comic)
127. Arena of Fear (Comic)
128. Lady of the Blue Box (Comic)
129. The Wishing Well Witch (Comic)
130. The Infinite Corridor (Comic)

The Tenth Doctor and Gabby’s appearance in ‘Supremacy of the Cybermen’ (Comic) takes place here.

131. The Jazz Monster/Music Man (Comic)
132. Old Girl (Comic)
133. Breakfast at Tyranny’s (Comic)

‘Keeping Up With The Joneses’ (TT)

The ‘Cinema Introduction’ to ‘The Day of the Doctor’ (TV) with the War, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors takes place here. 
The Tenth Doctor’s appearance in ‘The Day of the Doctor’ (TV) takes place here.

12. The Tenth Doctor with Heather and Wolfie (The Specials)

‘The Chromosome Connection’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Aquarius Condition (DWA Comic)
‘Glum Culture’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Great Rain Robbery’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Parrian Proposal’ (DWA Comic)
‘Hitching Point’ (DWA Comic)
‘Store Wars’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Submariners’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Greed of the Gavulav’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Secret Army’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Silver Bullet’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Invisibles’ (DWA Comic)
‘Good Old Days’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Abomination Game’ (DWA Comic)
‘T.R.O.L.’ (DWA Comic)
‘Cyclops’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Crystal Palace’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Spirit of Ashgar’ (DWA Comic)
‘Monster Idol’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Slakken Cat’ (DWA Comic)
‘Code Freeze’ (DWA Comic)
‘Hear No Evil’ (DWA Comic)
‘Terror in the TARDIS’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Ball and Chain Gang’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Memory Collective’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Blue Star Bomb’ (DWA Comic)
‘Flight of the Giurgeax’ (DWA Comic)
‘Starstruck’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Genius Trap’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Rising Tide’ (DWA Comic)
‘Sweet Dreams’ (DWA Comic)
‘Copycat’ (DWA Comic)
‘Shadow of the Vaipid’ (DWA Comic)
‘Snakes Alive!’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Sparkling Planet’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Curse of Vladula’ (DWA Comic)
‘Photo Finish’ (DWA Comic)
‘Brain Train’ (DWA Comic)
‘Foot Soldiers’ (DWA Comic)
‘Bad Wolfie’ (DWA Comic)
‘City of Light’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Guardian of Murcher’ (DWA Comic)
‘Night of the Burnt Toast’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Ghost Factory’ (DWA Comic)
‘Skydive!’ (DWA Comic)
‘Highway Robbery’ (DWA Comic)
‘Doomsilk’ (DWA Comic)
‘One Careful Owner’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Garden Rebellion’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Goats of Christmas Past’ (DWA Comic)
‘A Merry Little Christmas’ (DWA Comic)
‘We Will Rock You’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Highest Stake’ (DWA Comic)
‘Hook, Line and Sinker’ (DWA Comic)
‘The Unwelcome Visitors’ (DWA Comic)
‘Junk Food’ (DWA Comic)
‘Dead-Line’ (DWA Comic)

13. The Tenth Doctor Alone (5) (The Specials)

‘Arctic Eclipse’ (DWA Comic)
‘Return of the Klytode’ (DWA Comic)
‘Creature Feature’ (DWA Comic)
‘Mudshock’ (DWA Comic)
‘Project UFO’ (DWA Comic)
‘Borrowed Time’ (DWA Comic)

134. To Sleep, Perchance to Scream (Comic)
135. The End of Time (TV)

The Tenth Doctor’s appearance in ‘The Jago & Litefoot Revival’ (ST/Audio) – BFAB** takes place during ‘The End of Time’ (TV).
‘Lucky Heather’ (DWA Comic) occurs during the final scenes of ‘The End of Time’ (TV).

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3 thoughts on “The Tenth Doctor’s Timeline

  1. “Revolutions of Terror” references “Planet of the Dead.”
    The Doctor also mentions things going wrong with his last companion, which is probably a reference to Donna, but it also applies to the IDW comics. I personally place the Titan Comics sometimes after “The Waters of Mars.” I mean, “The Next Doctor” to “The Waters of Mars” is also just a couple years. There’s no way to squeeze in DWM, IDW and Titan into that gap.

    Also, the last scene (epilogue) of “The Time of My Life” is set pretty soon after “Journey’s End” and “The Forgotten.” In it, the Doctor watches a recorded message from Donna telling him that no matter what happened, he should find someone to travel with. This of course is a lead into DW Magazine’s Majenta comic strips. Their relationship is an odd one where neither of them thinks of each other as a companion until near the end, so it still makes sense in the Doctor’s character.

    Here’s the order I follow:

    Series 4
    The Forgotten
    The Time of My Life (last scene)
    DWM Comics (Majenta)
    The Next Doctor
    DS Legacy / Planet of the Dead / Wedding of SJS / solo NSA books
    DW Comics (Emily, Matthew)
    The Waters of Mars
    more solo adventures
    Titan Comics (Gabby, Cindy)
    more solo adventures
    DW Adventures Comics (Heather, Wolfie)
    more solo adventures
    The End of Time

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi bafflementanddevotion.

    Thanks for your helpful suggestions with regards to the placement of the comic stories for the Tenth Doctor on his timeline.

    I’m not really into ‘Doctor Who’ comics as other fans are. I appreciate your knowledge and expertise in placing where the comic adventures should go and your helpful arguments on that.

    If you have any more suggestions on improving the Tenth Doctor’s timeline, let me know.

    Tim. 🙂


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