Basement News – November 2019

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley!

We’re now in November, the penultimate month of the year. I’ve enjoyed 2019 for the most part and I’m sure you have too. There won’t be a ‘Basement News’ post for December as per usual on my blog, but that’ll get made up for when I come to announce this year’s ‘Advent Calendar’. With that said, let’s take a look at what’s in store for November and beyond.

My latest ‘Doctor Who’ marathon came to an end in October with my latest post on the latest ‘Doctor Who’ episode ‘Resolution’ with Jodie Whittaker. I hope you enjoyed the new series ‘Doctor Who’ marathon from June to October this year. It’ll soon be Series 12 of ‘Doctor Who’ in early 2020 which I’m looking forward to next year. No news of a Christmas Special or a New Year’s Day Special as of yet.


I’ve updated my latest reviews on ‘The Three Doctors’, ‘Carnival of Monsters’, ‘Frontier In Space’, ‘Planet of the Daleks’ and ‘The Green Death’ based on the Season 10 Blu-ray box set of ‘Doctor Who’ with Jon Pertwee as well as my review on ‘The Trial of a Time Lord’ based on the Season 23 Blu-ray box set of ‘Doctor Who’ with Colin Baker. Please feel free to check out my reviews. I’m currently looking forward to the Season 26 Blu-ray box set of ‘Doctor Who’ with Sylvester McCoy in December 2019.

Check out my latest review on the ‘Mission to the Unknown’ recreation on the ‘Doctor Who’ YouTube channel. There’s also my reviews on the ‘Tomorrow’s Times’ DVD special features and I’ve added two new ‘Doctor Who Timelines’ to my blog for two ‘Doctor Who’ companions.

I’m currently uploading my latest ‘Fifth Doctor’ story called ‘The Prime Factor’ with the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Billy onto my blog. I hope to schedule its release sometime in November. I’ve done two short stories for a fan anthology and I hope to write a ‘Short Trip’ featuring the Fourth Doctor sometime this month.

I’m currently preparing reviews for my ‘Nyssa Challenge’ mini-review season this year in December 2019. I’m waiting for the next Big Finish audio ‘Warzone’/’Conversion’ featuring the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan and Marc to come out this month before I review the other two releases in the 2019 Fifth Doctor CD trilogy. I’m also preparing a special Christmas collection of reviews related to Sarah Sutton which you’ll have to stay tuned for. 😀

I’ve recently shared my latest ‘convention memories’ post on the ‘Acceptable In The 80s’ event from October 2011. Stay tuned this month as I’ll be sharing my next ‘convention memories’ post on the ‘Fantom Films @ Memorabilia Birmingham’ event from November 2011.

I’ve recently reviewed the movie novelization of ‘Batman & Robin’ in October. The next few books in my current reading list are still ‘The Hobbit’ by J.R.R. Tolkien and the ‘Spider-Man: Hostile Takeover’ prequel book. I also hope to read/hear the ‘Doctor Who’ book/audio ‘Scratchman’ by Tom Baker and the ‘Resurrection of the Daleks’ and ‘Revelation of the Daleks’ novelizations/audiobooks by Eric Saward sometime soon.

I’ve created a new Comedy page for my blog. I’ve also got a set of film reviews to share in November, based choices made by my Mum for movie nights on Friday that my parents and I have. These reviews will be on the 2018 film ‘Patrick’; the Disney TV film ‘Oliver Twist’ (1997); the Alfred Hitchcock film ‘North By Northwest’ and the 1995 TV adaptation of ‘Persuasion’ by Jane Austen.

I’ve also got a ‘Star Wars Review Season’ in November. This will include reviews on the book ‘Star Wars: Lords of the Sith’ by Paul S. Kemp; the film ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’; ‘The Star Wars Holiday Special’ and ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi’. All of this is in preparation for ‘Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker’ coming to cinemas in December this year.

I’ve recently seen ‘A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon’ at the cinema. I’m currently looking forward to seeing a limited re-release of ‘Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan’ at my local Showcase Cinema in Nantgarw as well as the film ‘Frozen II’. Also check out my quick reviews on ‘The Batman Superman Movie’, ‘Flash Gordon’, ‘Deadpool 2’, ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ and ‘A Dog’s Journey’. There’s also my quick reviews on ‘The Demon Headmaster’ TV series and Series 4 of ‘Blake’s 7’. I’ve also reviewed Series 3 of the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series.

I’m currently watching Series 2 of ‘Great British Car Journeys’ with Christopher Timothy and Peter Davison. I’m enjoying it so far. I’ve seen and reviewed the first three episodes of Series 2 of this documentary series and I’m looking forward to the fourth and final episode this coming Saturday.

That’s about it for this ‘Basement News’ blog post. Like I said, there’s my ‘Advent Calendar’ to look forward to in December 2019. There will also be some special Christmassy stuff coming your way in that month too, I’ve got also some Sci-Fi-related reviews to add to my blog in November. I hope you’ll enjoy what’s to come in November and the rest of the year.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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